Musical Nights

Hi All,

It has been sometime, how have you been? A lot has changed since we last spoke. I changed jobs. Relationships changed with family and friends.  And then finally, I’ve found a job that I love (can you believe I’ve been on this one for over a year, despite a bad hike?).

Fast track to today, we’re all caged in our own houses for our own good (P.S – Do you also notice how free birds and animals are because we are caged in? Maybe we are the virus?). All this because one tiny micro-organism (and we thought we’re the best!) is on a homo-sapien killing spree.

But, in these testing and frustrating times, I’m here to talk of weirdly tiny romantic stuff that keeps us afloat everyday (Anyone could use a dose of positivity now right? 🙂 )A small story of an ounce of magic that adds beauty to my dull nights here. Here goes…

I’m 26 years old, and from a decade ago, while my sister and I were still in school, on a few blissful nights we would hear a soothing baritone singing old hindi songs of Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi, from the building opposite to our typically middle-class home. We were always fascinated by the voice that was just as soothing and magical in boring nights.

I remember, even if one of us was asleep the other would nudge the other awake, if we heard the stranger’s voice crooning.  Followed by series of fascinated teenage giggles and desperate peeking out of the window to catch a glimpse of the face of the owner of the melodious voice. We always wanted to find out who the owner of this voice was, the singer who brought in hope and smile through our teenage years and as we progressed into becoming young women. Even if we wanted to find out, our strained relationship with the building owner (who brought only nuisance and dirty drains into our lives and lane) held us back from socialising with any of the 20 tenants in the horrendous opposite building.

But as we went through different phases in life, and while I moved cities and homes for education and job, his voice faded away from our memories.

Now, as all of us are confined to our houses; forced to be working from our homes, cooking, making tiktok videos, arguing with the house-mates (in my case parents), browsing through our old stuff, finding old diaries and burning pages that were full of pain we wish we’d never had, having extended photoshoots inside the house in different poses and angles, smiling at cute letters & greeting cards that our old friends and flames gave us and rekindling our old hobbies, some voices from the past also reach out to us.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-24 at 19.47.53

As I finish arguing with friends about about their lack of enthusiasm to dance on songs over video calls and cut the call, a familiar baritone from my window teases my ear, makes me smile. ‘Meri Sapno Ki Rani Kab…’ the carefree singer continues, unaware of a secret admirer nearby. I am further delighted when this jamming session is now accompanied by a guitar. Maybe, just maybe the familiar voice of an unknown stranger, on a silent night when PM announced the beginning of 21 day lockdown starting midnight to curtail the pandemic in the country of 1.3 billion dreams, that made

There is something extremely powerful about art & music that heals souls and gives new lives. For me though made me write after over a year.

Thank you wonderful stranger for the magic through your music. Thank you medical professionals & other professionals who work even now so that we can stay home & stay safe!

Stay Strong Everyone! Smile & Spread Some Cheer! Good Vibes Only ❤


A Grateful Stranger












Before that time.

I am writing this because I know I might not be alone in this. I know there are fellow comrades who suffer and come out victorious every-time either braving it all alone or with the help of kinder ones near by.

There are these days, the days when I feel an irrational urge to destroy everything around, the days when even when everything is bright and sunny I can only see dark and gloomy, the days when I just cannot believe in people even when they have done nothing wrong, the days when I just want to shut the world down and just sit in a corner and cry. These are the days preceding the D-Day every single month.

All my questions are answered in 2 days following the day of drama, the day that proves I’m not actually that weak. Everything I felt two days prior is because of the stupid hormones doing rounds.

But I swear the days of the drama are the most mentally exhausting days, I question everything that exists. Every person around is annoying, all I want to do is scream and run away, but then the saner part of my brain makes me just smile and be nice as usual.

That cute pic on Facebook or that ‘video’ on a kind person who saved the day on Instagram makes me weep. Anything remotely ‘cute’ of people I do not meet regularly on social media has guaranteed ‘Awwww’ on these days.

The feeling of absolute annoyance with how hopeless my life is at the peak during these days. I would try and keep conversations and interaction with anything remotely human bare minimum for the fear of me going bazingaa on them and ending up ruining their day also.

Just, its just madness. I can feel the whole movie ‘inside out’ being played out inside of me, and trying really hard not to make a mess.

Well, these days are the hardest and I congratulate the fellow warriors who go through this every month and still smile to the world like there’s nothing wrong at all because that job pays your bills! 😛 Just hold on to that friend who’s hugs could help or even better get yourself that favourite tub of Ice-cream.

Yes, when the D- Day arrives every month the freaking physical pain is excruciating along with emo drama, and the pre-drama on the days before. But stay strong my dear sisters, because we’re made for more than just that.

gobbles that chocolate bar…Tadaa… Mmmm…



Kuch Bheege Alfaaz!

I turned to Netflix to seek some escape from the thoughts running wild in my head and upsetting my otherwise happy life. I did not expect much, only thought this would be just another cheesy romantic watch which I would forget right after I finish watching it, but I was in for a surprise!

It has been a long time since a movie has touched me so much, Kuch Bheege Alfaaz is so beautifully made and the dialogues are just heart warming. This movie was a perfect blend of three things I absolutely enjoy, and had me hooked from the first scene.

Firstly, I have always been a sucker for Hindi poetry, sher and shayari in specific. I do not know any of them by heart but when someone recites these, I’ve already placed them on a pedestral.

Secondly, Radio shows have defined my college life and school life. I’ve always dreamt of becoming an RJ someday. When the RJs in the morning would crack a joke I’d laugh out loud to have fellow passengers look at me like I am some lunatic. The advices and fun in the morning Radio shows and the late night RJs with deep voices telling you soul stirring stories, would just be the only thing that the romantic in me would need to smile. I can tell you that Radio stations play the best songs on the weekends, and when that favourite song of yours is requested and played on the radio, you can just imagine yourself as the main characters in a movie and dance around.  I celebrated like it was my own radio show when one famous comic today, had excitedly spoken for the first time on his own show as a newcomer, and I felt his nervousness and thrill right through the radio like it were my own emotions on my very first radio show.

Thirdly, personal deep conversations. The ones that you have with an absolute stranger you just met, but about the deepest sometimes scary, sometimes the happiest memories of their life. The special feeling, when someone lets you know of their deepest fears, greatest desires and the dreams, in short baring all their emotions in front of you and leaving themselves so vulnerable. Some nights that I treasure in my life, are the conversations I have had with my friends, family and strangers looking right into the darkness over a cuppa tea or sometimes on a journey.  The stories are beautiful and sometimes so painful that you know this is probably the most intimate conversation you could have with that person ever. They are just so beautiful.

Kuch Bheege Alfaaz, had everything that was needed to stir my soul and make me fall in love with the creation. Poetry, Radio, Conversations, Stories, Vulnerability, Rawness and Imperfection. When Mr. Ittefaaq AKA RJ Alfaaz, just broke down while opening up I wanted to walk through my screen hold him tight and never let him go. Archie’s struggle and yet the charm is so beautifully captured. Another thing I loved about this movie is the setting, especially the huge spacious house of RJ Alfaaz with so much space and barely anything that would make it a home. His house was shouting of his emotional space and his story in general. Archie’s home in contrast was brighter but older, the switches spoke of the age of the house. It was delightful to watch how each relationship between the characters unfurl starting from the first scene, be it friendship, mother daughter bond, bonds at work, romantic bonds and just the bond between the chai wala and the customer.

If you are someone who enjoys similar things as I do, if you are also incapable of watching shows with bloodshed and violence and are in search of a story that would be a good watch, then go fall in love with Alfaaz and Archie.

I might have loved the movie because of my association with three major things, but kuch bheege Alfaaz, really did pierce right into my tiny little heart. Isi baath pe pharmaya hai,

Humne bhi kabhi gauwr farmaya tha,

Woh raat mei mauhaul hi aisa jamaaya tha,

Aap jaise kisi shaqs ne hi sunaya tha,

Aur aaj phir yaad aa gaye woh bheege se Alfaaz!


Thank you, Onir sahab! You left me sobbing and smiling.


Today is a rant about the one thing that any 25+ year old would have heard atleast once! You are getting old! The big 30 will be soon here! When will you get MARRIED?

Then you see your Instagram flooded with posts from your graduate college batchmates  who are rushing into matrimony because they are already 29! My friends are heard saying I’m already 28, my parents want me married by the time I am 29! And what if you turn 30 and are not married yet! Oh no! What will happen then? You’ll die alone! Just marry any Tom, Dick and Harry in your arranged matrimony, but before you turn thirtyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Hey it’s not so old school anymore! You actually get to date the person before you decide on getting married even in an arranged setting. Actually, not much has changed even there. I speak from the stories of my close friends and cousins.

Scene 1: Guy’s dad came home to see my friend and finds her suitable. Families exchanged congratulatory squeals! Wedding is fixed! The funny part is the 2 hadn’t even met when the marriage was fixed.

Scene 2: The marriage is fixed and the couple exchange numbers on the day of the engagement.

Scene 3: Wedding is fixed right in the first meeting, happens in a month.

All of these are to rush each of them into marriage before they approach the monster year! The big 30!

The scenes are scarier than they make a fuss of turning 30!

It feels like there is a time line to everything that is set by the society. Should be married by 30! Kids by 33! And then by 45 dealing with teenagers. When you are 50, just start forcing your children to follow the same cycle, warna log kya kahenge?

Of course, you need to spend on that big ass wedding with guests who don’t give a shit about you but are there only to eat, you will be paying for their accommodation and entertainment. Don’t your ageing parents need a place that they can spend their retirement money on and take loans? It’s about time you start taking loans too, the wedding ceremony where you marry a stranger who is also decorated and presented for the guests to look at and pass judgements, will be the perfect beginning that you would need to venture into the dark region of the bank loans. This is obviously presented glamorously in the television advertisements for jewellery with a few emotional scenes between the father and daughter, aww so perfect! So all this needs to be done before you hit the big 3O!

‘You know you would love this nice guy who is the only son, well settled he is! My god so handsome! Arrey, just meet him and then decide no? You won’t say no! You’re growing old, you don’t have much time in hand.’

‘See you look so nice! This is your second younger cousin who is getting married. You already are an elephant which has grown its teeth! You will be 30 in a couple of more years. What do you mean you are not settled yet? You have a job no? Come come you are wearing a saree also, perfect photo I’ll take, there was this family who was asking.’

‘Yeah yeah, you only get excited about your friend’s wedding? Come here, let’s have a talk. Don’t take examples from the family for all the marriages, there are happily married couples also. For example… Hmm no one I can think of for now, but there are plenty. Believe me. It’s the right age, before the monster 30 approaches!’ :O

‘You know, that uncle called me today. He told me about his daughter, 3 years your junior she is soon going to get married. He was asking what is your plan? I told him, she’s uselessly travelling the country like a nomad. Everyone can’t be blessed with obedient daughters like him, na?’


Having a regular dose of these on a daily basis, you would become an expert at gauging when the topic shift is about to happen and when the aunties, parents and entertainment seekers are mobbing up against you. You then quickly get up pick up your phone, pretend it is a very important phone call and walk away. If all of it happens too quick, pass a hurtful sarcastic remark about the sad marriages of the ones targeting you. Gain complete knowledge and gossip about failed engagements, marriages and dysfunctional relationships which have recently occurred in your friend circle or in the family and present them as your arguments. Quote celebrity lives who were older, have never been married and are happy as hell. Quote examples of happy late marriages, especially the ones around 40s. Gets you more time. Tell them about your dreams and ambitions (they wouldn’t care, but worth a try).

Yeah, so that is my rant of the whole rush of weddings before they turn 30! I think if you are really ready, love your partner and are absolutely sure of what you are getting into, only then do it. This could be when you are 20, when you are 30, when you are 50 or 60! Whenever, but when you are ready and sure.

I wish people would move away from just looking at one wedding day, and spending their money and effort on it but instead focus on the other things which make relationships and marriages worth it and not just an obligation.


My younger cousin is getting married next month, yeah it is a shotgun wedding. The guy and the girl haven’t met yet, but they are getting married. I am thinking if I should really risk it all,  my mood, happiness and sanity to be a part of her happiness/wedding, or should I just skip all the drama as usual to get angry phone calls from relatives?


I’ll decide on this later, but maybe all of us should give the big 30 a rest and make it not so significant 30. It is not a milestone. Life is not a race. We all have different milestones. Let us try and accept that?


All my love,












Break and Back.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-18 at 17.53.41-2

So, you know the story so far. Quit job, took a break and now I am almost getting back to work in a week. I really like the job profile but I do have a few concerns regarding the other aspects. I hope I get to learn and also be the best at the job. It is something that I am looking at with a long term perspective. I am hoping that the compromises I am making would be worth it at the end of the day.

The time during my break has been brilliant. I absolutely enjoyed the time I got, be it travel or socialising. But, there was just not enough ‘me’ time. I enjoy spending time alone, a lot. I love taking myself out to the movies and eating out. This time I did not get to do much of that. I am not complaining though, because be it spending time with family or travelling with friends, I was grateful to have such loving human beings in my life. I agree there were days when I was absolutely done with people and also done advising them on how to solve their life problems when I hadn’t ever experienced any of those in my life. But I was always glad to have them in my life. It is funny how my life had a few significant events in the months that I was absolutely jobless. I didn’t get anywhere around chasing my creative pursuits but I did learn to cherish some people who were cheering and supporting me in their own little ways, which overwhelmed me in many ways than one.

I am now looking forward to crazy challenges and fun that is in store for me at the new place, and even more to the inspiring leaders, mentors and individuals I would meet in this new adventure. I think I chose this place because they spoke words that were very different from the other organizations that I interviewed at, where they would say ‘the everyday work could get boring and monotonous’ , but here I heard them say ‘there is never a dull day, every day we can be certain to learn something new’. I really wish this would be one of the choices that I would look back and be glad that I made this choice instead of choosing the more attractive option.

How do I end this one? Cheers to the future!

P.S – I forgot to mention, I made wine at home for the very first time during the break. And, I must say it is a strong one! 🙂


Long Time, No see!

Hi There,

Long time no see, dear friend. How have you been?

So much has happened in the past few months that I do not know where to begin. Let me begin with this, I quit my job. The job that I was comfortable in, the one I was doing great at, the team I adored and the friends I grew attached to. I decided it was time to move on. I want to give myself a chance to explore something that I would possibly want to do for a long time, something that I could be passionate about, something that I would fall in love with. It is hard to leave behind all things and people that you are close to, but I did. There are days I miss working (I’d been a workaholic throughout) and seeing emails in the morning. But, I am also enjoying this break that was due from 4 years ago. This is my first break lasting a month in the last 4 years.

What did I do during the last few weeks? I travelled. I travelled to places that make me feel like a tiny speck in the universe. I travelled to a land that is called heaven on earth. I  travelled to Srinagar, Leh-Ladakh and Manali. And, what a trip it was! Jannat on earth for sure! The trip was also an eye-opener, I learnt so much about my privileges and also started appreciating people in my life more than I did before. I celebrated my birthday away from my usual world, away from internet and network towers. There was cup cakes in a tent, with friends staying awake playing games just to wish me. I was then sitting there stargazing, with a friend who would not let me go out alone. We sat there looking at shooting stars amidst the mountains in our camp. The daytime was spent at the Pangong lake, a lake I will never be able to describe that beauty with words. Absolutely stunning and unearthly Pangong lake! I couldn’t have asked for a better 25th birthday.

I spoke to my family 2 days after my birthday (because there was no network at our camp sites) and when my phone finally connected to WiFi I read my mom’s  sweet message only to find myself in a miserable teary eyed state. I was overwhelmed by the places I visited and then by the long distance phone calls from family and friends when they exclaimed how wonderful it was to listen to my voice after so long. Emotions choked me when I found out my friends called me over 20 times to just wish me but couldn’t get through, and more than that I was surprised at the people who remembered without any reminders on Facebook.

I finally got a chance to re-connect with my long lost friends over phone calls, now that I have begun to follow IST finally.  Yesterday, in specific was a day of phone calls. I got 2 call backs that I was expecting from a long time (fingers-crossed), one from my old colleague/classmate, one from my school bestie (she was having a great day like me), one from my childhood friend and finally I made one phone call to a school friend I promised to call ages ago.

The last phone call got me thinking, the phone call I made to was to the friend from my school. This is the friend who would be the first one to wish me on my birthday every year after my family, he had moved out of city after our class 12 and we’ve never met in person after that. But, I always knew what was up with him and vice-versa. He was someone who wasn’t the excellent student you would expect, but there was one thing that he was passionate about right from the school days – computers. I had no doubts that he would become a computer engineer, and he really did. Even though we only spoke on the phone, our banter was endless each time. Be it knowing about other’s crushes or blackmailing the other about revealing the secrets to the other’s crush, it was so much fun throughout all these years. More than anything else, he is a brother who would always look out for me, no matter which city I am in. I would occasionally get phone calls in a panicky voice ‘Hey, I heard there are riots going on. Are you okay? I was worried!’

Yesterday, however was different. I was expecting a boy from my high-school to answer my call but I spoke to a grown-up man. Well, as friends nothing had changed but the friend I knew had now matured. He was talking of his responsibilities and it wasn’t playful anymore. He had things to fix and people to take care of. He was speaking of everything in a calculated manner, a manner that I have heard my elders speak when I was a child. He spoke of events and not emotions. He had his life planned and spoke of looking out for alliances in a matter of fact voice. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that the little boy I knew had grown up, and now the world he lived in was very different. He was amazed at the carefree life that I am living, much different from the one he is. It was his birthday and he was still working, ‘another ordinary day’ he said. The call ended as usual, but this time I spoke to a whole new person.

I was amazed at how the careless kid I knew had grown up to be this responsible adult, deciding his own and his family’s life with conviction. I think maybe that’s what life is all about when it throws stones at you, pick them up and make a house out of it to protect your loved ones.

My yesterday passed thinking about the change that is the only constant in our lives, to be interrupted by the phone call of my NRI bestie. After much thought and deliberation I filled her in with some recent news from my life taking a promise that no other soul would hear of it. Leap of faith, I know.

Today, I figured that I had already wasted 2 days being a potato so I finally got my lazy ass out of my bed and cleaned my room, pulled out 2 books that I should be reading & then white sheets and paints to make me feel like an artist. Opened those damn windows to let the air in, changed curtains to let the sunlight into my life and turned those fairy light on for some fairy tale magic! 🙂

By the end of the day, I am planning my trip to Kerala that would happen next week. My friend might join me, but I’ve decided that solo or not I will do that trip. I have annoyed google with details on how I would be getting around the place. I am planning to make this a cheap and exciting trip, my budget is 5K (be it solo or not). I’ll be back next week after I am back to tell you if I did manage to stick to the budget.

Until we speak next time I want you to remember, no matter what is troubling you now do not take it to heart. It will pass. Things will change for better and you will have everything you dreamed of, even if it gets monotonous today tomorrow will bring the passion and excitement you crave for. Take it from me, it will! 🙂

Adios for now!

All my love,








Unfinished Painting

Unfinished painting leaning on the wall,

Spreads it’s love, it’s such a charm.

Inspired by the subjects, I picked up my brush,

Must get some colours straight from their lives, oh such leaders they have been.

Painting had then begun, but colours on them refused to dry.

I left them out there to dry, months and months untouched by brush.

That unfinished painting across the room,

Makes me smile, such a charm.

Right on the wall next to the charm, photographs of people I adore.

Photographs with smiling faces, of the ones I’ve known all my life. The ones I could refer to as my life.

Just above these pictures are the ones from my recent past. People I’ve come to love just way too much.

Unfinished painting across my room,

Fills me with life, oh such a charm.

Looking at the photographs and then back at the painting lit by fairy lights,

I contemplate my life decisions, yet again I’m in such a fix.

A dream I’ve dreamt from the time I do not even remember, and the life filled with the ones I treasure.

I must choose. I must be wise.

Unfinished painting across the room,

Helps me contemplate, it’s such a charm.

Above the painting are two hand made lamp shades, boasting of creativity that is somehow now lost.

The mild yellow light, tells me how I’m getting fond of some more just one step at a time.

I do not rhyme, I cannot whine. Cuz this is what I wanted so bad.

Unfinished painting leaning on the wall,

Love, Dreams & Life. You will always be a charm.


Hyderabad For Soul.

I am penning this down as I travel back to Bengaluru to get back to another day in front of laptop, with people all around cribbing about getting back after a long weekend. I did not want to delay writing about this trip like I did last year, and had I forgotten all the little incidents and details.

One thing you should know about me is that, if you invite me to your city when I am free, I will not say no. Today, I am so glad for once that my disability to say no, worked very well for me.

Most people like me,  who are in their twenties, are stuck in life situations/ jobs/ relationships that they either hate or have no clue where it is going. We dream of touching the sky, then the reality hits us that a plane ticket is the only thing that will take us away to get us closer to that sky. I don’t make any sense, yeah that’s how we feel almost all the time.

Stuck in such life situations, we usually choose small escapes. Travel. Momentary reliefs. That’s what I also had thought of Hyderabad trip. But this became so much more than just that.

Greeted by warm smiles and filter coffee, a lovely swing that we came to love, Keesara Gatta for sunset, mom made dinner served with love, laughter until late night and crashing on the bed. A perfect first day.






Second day began with my kind friends waking me up with patience, South Indian breakfast served with warm filter coffee and the morning newspaper all this while soaking in the warm morning sun in the beautiful balcony, then we were exploring the rooftop garden grown with such care, and we also got a chance to plant one pot of seeds each, carrot, radish,  onions, gongura etc. await our arrival the next time. Then, we also went down the memory lane of summer vacations by playing Holi with the colourful berries from one of the plants right ghere and then mosturing our skin and hair with the home grown Aloe Vera. With all that mud and colours there was a need to clean ourselves, shower and freshen up to get ready for the crazy day that lay ahead of us.


By the time we were all ready we greeted newer faces who were old friends of the household. UNO with rules and new rules helped the ice breaking and then after the sumptuous and delicious lunch we were all set to explore Numaish.

Numaish, as you enter you can see a tide of human beings ebbing in and realise that it is no small deal. Numaish, has everything you need at the price you can bargain for. With all the shopping, bargaining and kepeing track of all 8 people all of us were exhausted and just wanted to get back, but then the magic happens. Giant wheel, I love these rides but this one was really scary. I do not remember the time I did not scream during this ride. But then was it worth it, absolutely! As soon as we had our adrenaline pumping we were ready for Columbus and Cup & Saucer too.  The braver ones amonget us, captured the screams and madness of the rides in their cameras to which became an entrainment after the entertainment for all of us.  Searching cabs, explaining our location to the driver who wouldn’t understand, eventually getting our legs some much meeded rest we reached back to our favourite swing that again was welcoming us very warmly. Tired, but still we didn’t hit the bed immediately.


We had our dinner that was warm because, mother.  While the elders of the household went to sleep, we decided to turn on TV to entertain us during our dinner. K3G was on, I would then go on to say dialogue much to the annoyance of my friends. I then decided to finally shut up. Once the movie ended we then went on to watch half of the last episode of F.R.I.E.D.S. All of us soon succumbed to the need of rest that our bodies demanded and fell asleep.

The last day, morning began exactly as warmly as the previous morning. Breakfast, Sun, Warmth, Smiles, Filter Coffee and  Shower.

We then went to Charminar, we met the childhood bestie of one of us and who also joined us with the rest of the exploration for the day. We went on to spend some time at Charminar, click the mandarman instant photograph, drink the yummiest chai and taste the tastiest Pineapple cake from Nizam bakery.


Then we expired the chudi market right in front and bought some gorgeous bangles and headed to Paradise hotel for lunch. We reached there by 4.30 pm but then we had to wait for 50 mins after the token, but since we didn’t have time for that we took a parcel and set out to explore a park where we could sit and enjoy our Biriyani.

We found the park, ate till we could eat no more, clicked pictures next to ”LOVE HYD” and got back home to pack & catch my bus back to Bengaluru.


The trip was extra special because I had no access to Internet, most of us didn’t have. Which made us live right there and not wander else where, talk to people in the room, listen and laugh.

I know though the trip was effortless and beautiful for us, our friend spent hours in making this trip perfect for us. The mother of the household took such efforts to get us the tastiest homemade food while we explored the city. The father of the household created a  perfect setting for us to enjoy, be it the silly bubble fights we had on the terrace or the finance planning help.

This Hyderabad trip was heart – warming. All the people who were in it and who made it happen, thank you! Thanks for asking, I loved it.

Chicken Stew.

Today was a usual Sunday. I woke up late, decided I can study today’s lesson also on my own so skipped classes. I couldn’t get myself to travel to the other side of the city to meet my friends so made excuses and settled down well again on my bed. Parents came up with cheerful way to speak to me about the same old topic and I dodged the same and was mentally preparing myself to find ways to run away to another city as quickly as possible. I sat on my bed with ‘akki roti’ for half an hour watching yet another emotional episode of a Korean drama with subtitles, dreaming of the day when I can understand the language without them. The episode ended and also my breakfast, let me correct myself not breakfast, let’s call it ‘Brunch+Evening Snacks’. That is when the magical moment struck me.

I remembered about the chicken stew my neighbour had very kindly left it on my table for me this morning. I quickly hurry to the table to make sure my sister hasn’t finished it even before I got to taste it. I’m relieved to see the white parcel filled with ‘Chicken Stew’, I get a plate and a spoon to taste this dish. And what do I taste!!!!

This ‘Chicken Stew’ is the best one I have had so far. The coconut milk, the yummy chicken perfectly cooked and even the ginger. I dislike ginger in any dish, but this one is just beyond delicious. If you are a Malayali or if you have tasted the ‘Stew’ that is often served with Appam or Idiyappam and love it, then this beats all of those amazing ‘Stews’ you have had. The perfect blend and the amazingly enchanting taste of this ‘Chicken Stew’ will remain in my taste buds and memories forever (whatever forever means)! 🙂

Chef at ‘Lungees’ restaurant, keep up the good work! 😀 Happy Sunday Everyone! May your Sunday have yummy surprises like mine had!


Life, my way.

Hi there,

It has been sometime that I took an effort to write or post anything on this blog. Maybe that was because I was too busy writing stories & interpreting the data, that I forgot I need to write some for myself. So bear with me because today’s rant is longer than you would expect, also now would be a good time to stop reading this and move on.

Okay,  as you have decided to listen to me here it goes, today there was some banter at home. It all began with the latest neighborhood news (also read gossip) that was being debated at home.

I should have just shut up for once, but no, me being me had to barge in and give my parents a piece of my mind on a topic that suddenly popped up amidst the debate, which was however, irrelevant to the incident that started the debate in the first place. You might ask weren’t you discussing the incident in the first place? Yes, but you know like most discussions in daily life begin somewhere and transform itself to something completely different from its original self, sometimes with people even forgetting what the topic of discussion actually was.

So, that happened even today. The incident transformed itself to the topic ‘Arranged Marriages and Love Marriages’ . Believe me when I say I have nothing against arranged marriages. Absolutely nothing against it. Just that I cannot see myself trusting a stranger after a single meeting and agreeing to live together for eternity (whatever eternity means to each ~ 1 year, 5 years, 15 years, 25 years?).

I take my own sweet time in selecting my close friends. There goes a lot of years of my belief in them till I can actually share my secrets or thoughts with them. I value my close friends a lot, not because I think they will be there for me when I need them but because they were there for me when I couldn’t trouble my family with my issues. They were my rock, which is why they are even called my close friends in the first place.

Anyway back to the topic, I see my cousins and friends whose marriages were fixed by just the respective ‘families’ meeting each other and one was even fixed before the girl and the guy even met! Isn’t it ridiculous? I cannot believe that this actually happened!  The ‘families’ were very educated to begin with, not economically backward or anything of that sort. It is commendable that they had that kind of faith in somebody they didn’t know at all.

I know people who believe that a marriage can ‘fix a person’ (whatever fixing means) even if that person is abusive or is a horrible human being. So then where do these people go? Ah you guessed it right, of-course ‘arranged marriage’! The reality is well hidden from the view of the other person till they cannot really do anything about it. Factors that determine a match in an arranged marriage as I see around me are: Money (Salary for men and family status/property/gold for a girl), Working Status, Conventional good looks of the girl (If she is not rich, by her I obviously mean ‘her family’), Cooking Skills (For a girl) etc. to name a few. Oh I forgot the most important thing to the list, personality! just kidding, I missed adding the horoscope (if the family believes in it)! When a few of these factors on list get a tick, the family unanimously agrees that the other party is a perfect match and they lock the deal.

After the wedding, once the truth is out and it fails! Even then the family believes that what can fix the situation is again (no points for guessing) – marriage, the second time.

Wow, if this is what you call ‘adjusting’ and if this is the requirement for a society to function as a unit, I am sorry but I would rather be an outlier.

I appreciate that you can do it, but I personally cannot come to terms with the above arrangement. I am happy it works for you and that you are delighted with your marriage. I sincerely congratulate you on finding your life partner and creating a beautiful family in the traditional way. I know you enjoy being the Sanskari bahu/ beta and a loving mother/ father to the bundle of joy you will soon have, I am also very glad to see you smile.

But, I am not as trusting as you are. I take time to believe in people, sometimes many years. I have a small bunch of close friends who became important to me only after years of going through situations and life together. My parents remarked today, let’s see how long these friends you have will stay by your side, for all the importance that you give them.

Let me clarify, I have never expected that my friends will stay by my side forever. I am an adult and very well know that everyone has a life to live and would hate it if someone would stop living their life for me. I have also not been able to give to my friends or family, as much time or effort as I would have liked to. So how can I expect others to do something that I am not able to? But does that mean that the value of people in my life would change or decrease because life happened along the way? Absolutely not! I treasure people for what they have been to me not for what they have to offer in the future.

So, I do not believe in a marriage which means settling down. I do not want to ‘settle’ for anything. I am very sorry but I have no intention to cook for a family or a stranger that I do not know, which is an unsaid or said part of the business deal that an arranged marriage is? I do not dream of the big fat wedding. I have no fascination for the expensive dresses or jewelry that make you feel important for a day. I do not want to move into anyone else’s home and won’t. I adore my parents but then do I want a marriage like theirs? Absolutely not! No, I cannot see my parents as the perfect couple. I do not want to live their life or anybody else’s.

I want to live my life on my own terms. I will take my decisions like I always have. No, it is not because of ‘arrogance’ or being ‘spoilt’ like you would label me. It is only because I cannot see any equality in the ‘arranged marriages’ that you speak of. You might say that love marriages are also not above these things and they are also equally vulnerable to such things. Yes, they most certainly are. But isn’t a known devil better?

I do not know of whatever ‘Love’ really means. But if marriage isn’t at-least as equal as friendships are what is the point really? A legal document to cement something that in itself has no standing? Is that really the requirement?

If I ever want to be married, it would be because I like that person (and vice-versa) not because ‘families’ like each other. It would definitely be because that person would most certainly be my best-friend and my closest confidant (and vice-versa). It would be because it is actually a partnership of  equals (not a relationship of a slave and a master). It would be one with mutual respect and trust. I would not even want a marriage in the first place, this is the basic for even a relationship.

But for now and the years to follow, my career is my focus. No, just having a job is not what I mean by a career. I will not adjust or settle for anything less than what I expect of myself. I might fail miserably but I will never give up. I will keep fighting till I make it. No, I do not want to live the timid and well – behaved careful life like you want to. I will take risks,  cry when I am hurt, take pride when I succeed and strive harder everyday.

Do not emotionally manipulate me saying that if I live the way I want to I will have no one by my side or that you cannot adjust to my way of thinking. Do not tell me that I will not be happy with all the things I expect from my life I will always need something you have to be happy in my life.

You should take pride that I can think or decide for myself. You might have years of experience and you speak with the arrogance that I haven’t seen life the way you have. I might sound rude if I tell you that you and I have had very different experiences so far, you have only been through the ages that I am in (not lived my life) and due to which you think you understand my life. I cannot even say to a 5 year old that, I know exactly how they feel, because, I do not. Me and that 5 year old have had absolutely different lives and different struggles and belittling anyone’s life because you think you are older is ridiculous. You think I haven’t had struggles or that your struggles were much greater compared to mine, because, I didn’t think it was necessary to share my experiences with you for your mental peace, and mine. Reflecting on it, I think I should have. It would have shattered your beliefs and confidence. Still I won’t, as hurting you is not my intention.

So, your life is very much your own project, please feel free to give it any happy direction that you want but, once for all, please understand that my life is not your project. Let me have my own opinions, moments of blunder, choices and power to steer anyway that I choose to. I would be very grateful if you would stop forcing your opinions on me, because I won’t hesitate to reject them and it will eventually end up hurting you, not me.

Yours Sincerely,

#Arrogant & #Spoilt

A new beginning.

I have been wanting to write for a long time now. Starting from the new year, so many things have taken place in my life in this short span of past two months that now I do not know what to talk to you about.

Barely three weeks into our new semester in December 2016, I got placed through campus placements. Yes, three of us including me got placed in a company that was perfect for me in every sense. Pay was decent, work wise it looked great and it was a great start to a career.  Everything was perfect until we were told that we should join the company in two weeks. As usual, there was a little bit of panic. Not because I was too fond of my campus but because it meant lesser time with my friends. As the ritual that every student undertakes in the last few days of campus life is to travel to hills and beaches with friends, we planned our last trips too. Our road-trips to Mahabaleshwar and  Murud were wonderful in their own unique ways. We did all the things we should on a typical trip with friends; went crazy, took a zillion selfies, struck celebrity poses on scenic locations, counted the stars in the unpolluted skies, met new people, relished good food, fought with each other over silly things and also enjoyed every minute of it.

I then came back home to join my job. Before that welcomed new year with the craziest new years party I’ve had in years with my undergrad friends. It felt great to be back home, back to my family back to my old friends. On the new years we went on long bike rides in the chilling cold of January winters, had tea with omelette at 3 o’clock in the morning, braved street dogs who followed our bikes and finally dozed off at 7 in the morning only to wake up in an hour to get back home. Then joined work the next day and its been a great run so far. These two and a half months have been very eventful with a lot of learning and  new friendships. It felt great to receive my first salary. Oh it was an out-of the world experience. I won’t be lying if I said I teared up a little to see my paycheck and quickly wiped it off with a tissue. Then bought gifts for the family and relatives with my money. It was a good month, January.

February was a lot of travelling and nostalgia. Traveled to campus for internal exams, did road-trips to wayanad and then to my parents’ ancestral homes both of which was renovated recently in two consecutive weekends. Nostalgia was instantly triggered as I touched the place I spent my every summer vacation till class tenth. My refusal to accept the new changes which came with the shifting of power and changing of times was surprising. I felt like the little girl who ran around the house playing hide and seek, bathing in the pond and enjoying the taste of sweet mangoes from our tree in the backyard. It was disheartening that I didn’t see the faces of my grandparents sitting in the front porch waiting for us to arrive like it was a norm for many years, instead it was the faces of new tenants who were living in the favourite area of the house. We now had a small room and pooja room converted into a small kitchen and a small hall to stay in whenever we visited. It was a logical decision for sure, at least now there are people living in the house which would have otherwise been locked and unused for ages. But it was disappointing for me to not get the feel of big rooms, halls, dining area and the big kitchen that we grew up in. I realised it would have been even harder for my mother who actually spent half of her life here. The house has its charms, it kind of grows on you. I understand the attachment that my grandparents had to the house, it was their sweat and blood. Every plant in the farm was planted by my grandpa and his children.  The mango tree that we adored was now gone, cut and sold off. I do not understand farming or how long a plant is useful but all I know that cutting down the tree just felt wrong, very wrong. I still went and lit the lamp in our tiny temple. It felt right, it felt like summer holidays.

We then went to my dads’ ancestral home which was taken down and now a small house is built in its place. That old one was a beauty in itself. It was over 150 years old, made of mud and in olden style. It had thatched roof and traditional Kerala architecture. It always surprised me how cool it felt inside the old house even when it was soaring 45 degree Celsius outside the home. But then this was to be taken down because it was falling apart slowly. The new one was perfect for its inhabitants, which was one of my dad’s younger brothers and family.

February was a month filled with wanderlust, I had visited all familiar places from my past which had changed in its essence and meaning in many ways than one but still never failed to bring back the feeling of nostalgia.

That was about February, now time to tell you about how March has been treating me. If you ask me March is not as glamorous or nostalgic as January or February. March is reminding me that honeymoon period is now over, everything in life now will take a little more effort and patience to make it work. I worked my ass off to finish my assignments and dissertation of college in time and also manage work. Then there was reality check with the family, me being away from home for three years had made me oblivious to how parents usually work. I had become way too independent to take my own decisions of travel, finances and health but now there is constant interference from my parents on my every decision. They seem to have forgotten I am now a grown up adult and still treat me like a little child. Then there is constant interference from relatives, again who think my life is free to be interfered with. It will take some time to make my folks learn to understand my life and respect my privacy at times when they are most needed.

However, 2017 has been a cool new beginning for me,

 And I look forward to the surprises and challenges that it is yet to bring and the items I am hoping to tick off my bucket-list this year! 🙂

One day to go.

I haven’t started my report yet. I just cannot get myself to type out the first word even when it is the report of the most exciting phase of my recent past. I do not know how do I get to start my first word on the report. Maybe, maybe it is because once the report is done I’ll know for sure it is all over. Maybe, I do not want to move forward from the space I am in right now. I do not want to take the flight tomorrow. Same time next year I might have a clear decision on where I will be for the next two or three years.For now, I’m a confused soul who is stuck between what I should be doing and what the heart wants. More than that I’m a kid who has not completed the homework and hates the thought that there is school tomorrow. Adios.




Addicted to Mumbai.

There are a million memories in this dream city during the past two months that I would never trade. I am overwhelmed by the love that this city has showered on me. It breaks my heart to leave this place.

I did not know anyone when I moved into this city two months ago. I had no expectations from this city. But for me, Mumbai definitely was everything and more.

It was just a leap of faith when I decided to live with strangers, but today those strangers are by my side to bid me farewell.

There was a company I thought was a bit boring before I sat through its interview, but then it turned out to be one the most happening of all places that I have had the chance to be a part of.

I have had exceptional teachers in my school days.No, they were not exceptional because of their knowledge but because they understood me and they moulded me so beautifully even without me realising it. I had not found such teachers till the day I entered NVM. Jeetu sir is without doubt the best mentor that anyone can ever have. He has mentored us, helped us work on our flaws and taken care of us. He means a lot more to us than most of our lecturers in college. A true teacher and a gem of a person. I’m so glad that sir was out mentor. The founders of NVM Balli sir and JP sir too inspired us with so much more than just knowledge. Their life experiences, struggles and most of all their friendship, will give anyone who meets them #career goals and #friendshipgoals for life.

Mumbai gave me a chnce to reconnect with my relatives and cousins who I hadn’t met in a long time. Mumbai taught me that I could actually go broke, true to the last penny. I borrowed money for the first time in my life, waited eagerly for two weeks for the stipend to arrive, with just 40 bucks in the bank. Mumbai told me the importance of stocking up enough food at home, so that you don’t starve when you have no money to buy anything. Mumbai showed me the coolest streets to go street shopping in and that it is just pue badluck if BMC shows up the day you decide to shop. I fell in love with the Mumbai local trains, the bindass Mumbaikars, the gentlemen of Mumbai & the strong women of Mumbai, stylish babies in Carter road, Sunset of Bandstand and the Skyline of Marine drive.

MUMBAI is where my heart is going to remain from now on, surprisingly I did not miss home for the first time, during my stay here for two months. I feel guilty for saying this, but I didn’t miss home even little bit. Maybe it is true when they say home is where the heart is. Home is Bangalore. Home is also Mumbai.  I smiled everyday I was here, maybe that’s why it is so difficult to leave. And more tough is to leave without shedding tears.

Before I leave I must say this, thaaaaaaank youuuuu Muuumbaaai. Thank you for everything.

I looooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuu Mumbaaaai.


She: ‘I love paneer butter masala, I learnt to make that dish.’

Me: ‘ That’s so cool.’

She: ‘Not so much. I just told him on the phone, he says he doesn’t like paneer.’

Me : ‘So?’

She: ‘It’s a waste that I learnt to cook it, his mom likes round rotis she said.’

Me: ‘So?’

She: ‘I’ll have to perfect my roti making skills.’

Me: ‘Oh!’

She: ‘ I don’t like it so much in Mumbai. But then now I’ll have to like it, the family is settled in Mumbai. Now after I’m wed I might visit home just once a year, maybe.’

Me: ‘Oh! What is his profession again?’

She:’ Software Engineer. Same as mine, just different companies.’

Me: ‘Does he cook?’

She: ‘He has never entered kitchen apparently. His mom says.’




Time has changed. Sure.

Not a Life-Partner, an educated and well-earning house help.





Mumbai. I stepped into this city without keeping high hopes, I was ready to accept whatever it threw at me. It has been three weeks till now and I must say that the dream city has not disappointed me. If you are ready to adjust a little bit and blend into its ways this city will give you much more than you expect from it. I am absolutely in love with the city and its people.

The below collage is a collection of photographs from the little adventures in this fast-paced city.  From the little time I have spent in two different cities, I can tell that how much you like a city is also dependent on the lives that touch you and the experiences you’ve had with strangers. Call me superstitious, but I was skeptical of writing about the city scared that I might jinx my luck. But, it would be unfair if I do not make note of the time I am actually very happy when I have cribbed and ranted during my unhappy times.

Mumbai was magical, but my first day in the city was not so magical. The first day I was ready three hours before time and decided to take the local from Churchgate to Goregaon in the morning to reach my office on time, given that it was the first day of internship. I also had my dad with me with his luggage, he was going to check into a hotel in Goregaon which would be closer to the flat I have taken on rent and also my workplace. We got into the local and it was not so crowded, and we occupied a seat near the window. I thought it’s not so bad as my friends had spoken about peak hour rush in the local. Little did I know I couldn’t be more mistaken. Slowly the compartment started getting more and more crowded. By the time local stopped at Bandra and Andheri stations the local was jam-packed, no space to move no space to breathe. By then my dad and I were both sure there is no way we could get off at Goregaon Station, we better get down at the last stop Borivilli. Somehow after Goregaon  station we slowly moved with the luggage to the door. Even now the train is jam-packed. Train stopped at Borivilli station and I somehow got off, some unknown gentleman helped me in finding  my lost shoe and helping me get out of the stampede situation. But then what do I realise? The crowd at the  Borivilli station did not let my dad to get down and he was still stuck inside the train. I was not even able to get to see him from the window because of the rush and his phone was also not reachable. I stood there for about 15 minuted hoping he will somehow manage to get down, even when I knew that is highly unlikely. I had a huge suitcase in my hand a backpack and I had 45 minutes to reach office on the first day of work. I then decide that there was no use waiting there and I pick up that suitcase and backpack and go out to find an auto while trying to contact my dad on the phone. I call for an auto, just to be told that there was no probability that I get to Goregaon in 45 minutes, it will take me at least two hours to get there because of the huge road-block . I decided that was better than waiting there that I atleast get moving. I informed my colleages about the situation and dropped off my luggage at broker’s place and reached my office sweating and my clothes and hair all ruffled. I rushed to the near-by rest room to make myself look presentable. Yes, I reached my office two hours late on the first day of the work. Thankfully, half the office had not yet reached because of the railway and road-block I was stuck in.

Yes, I was reunited with my dad in the evening when he came to visit me and explained that his luggage was stuck to the door and was not able to get down. He had finally got off at Andheri and had taken a cab from there to get to the Hotel. My dad went home after two days and it puts him to ease that I’ve settled down here. It was a scary experience for me and somehow became a story to tell after that initial tension and helplessness died down.

I was determined to not judge my dream city because of one incident. That proved to be the best decision ever. I found such amazing mentor in office, the colleagues are slowly becoming more of family. The work and work culture is wonderful. I have fallen in love with Marine Drive and Band-Stand. I can go crazy over love the pav-bhaji’s at Sardar and the Biriyani at Cafe Noorani. I get a high cooking my own food and feeling all independent.  Chilling with old friends one night and hanging out at BSK connecting with new people has been Amazing. Reconnecting with a cousin and visiting Haji Ali and Mahalakshmi during sunset is another experience that I would never trade. Meeting Amish,  the man who made Shiva believable and made me wonder about the scientific knowledge that existed in the olden Indian civilizations which is now long lost, was such a fulfilling experience. I have found more people I can connect to, at work my colleagues and at home my roommate whom I chat till late in the night. It is wonderful how things fall into place eventually.

Metro train travel at midnight, traveling alone in the locals around the same time, friends checking on you if you reached safe, the transgender who blesses you every day at the signal on your way to work, exploring new places with friends and colleagues, conversations with strangers and smiling to yourself reflecting on something funny that happened during the day, would you not fall in love with the city when you get a dose of these at regular basis? Well I do not know about you, but I have.



PS: Goa trip is due this week, next post with details. Off to Bandstand for now 🙂

Just Cannot fall asleep

3 am and I am not able find any trace of Mr Sleep! I try to pass time switching on the TV while I eagerly wait to meet Mr Sleep on my bed. Hindi TV soaps which have exact same plot as soaps 5 years ago are re-running the episodes at this unearthly hour! ‘So I’m your second choice!’ Mr TV taunts me, looking at my plight, I’m in no mood to take any insults right now. He can show his bloody old attitude elsewhere, I don’t need him. I turn to my best friend to understand me, while I endlessly await Mr Sleep. My best friend offers me variety of stalking and gossip  options, Facebook-Insta-Snapchat. I am thankful for these options but today I lose interest in these options way too soon. My best friend too seems to be a little too exhausted and passes out, where is that charger? Now that my best friend also passed out, I’m left with no other option than to hope Mr Sleep is kind enough and visits me soon else I will be forced to revisit my life starting from my childhood and critisize every choice I made,  maybe wonder a little about the universe, feel jealous of people who would have found their Mr Sleep right now and are gloriously snoring away and think about all the wonderful things I can do waking up early in the morning tomorrow. Maybe I’ll drink a warm cup of coffee looking at the sunrise and go for a jog around the lake. Where’s Mr Sleep? I hope he doesn’t surprise me like usual and leave me with no time to complete my future planning… Yeah so I’ll have breakfast after that, go visit my friend later… I am also going to have a…

The wrong turn?


Chasing the stars when all you ever dreamt of was the sun.

Stars are glittery, everyone around you is busy chasing them. Stars are glamorous, stars are shiny and soothing, stars make you so happy that you even forget you ever even dreamt of the sun. Stars give you a mesmerising reason to chase them, from where you stand the sun seems so distant, so blurry and so vague. You are changing  yourself in the star chase to get better at the race. You are challenging and pushing yourself to dangerous heights that you would otherwise never have embarked on. So while losing  old identity, you forming a new one which might have no traces of old scent left on it soon. Convinced that you are happy, you are continuing to chase the stars.

Sure it was destiny that pushed you to chase the stars. While you were pushed into this road, you had made a promise to yourself that the sun is your final destination no matter what. But now that this race makes you incredibly satisfied and happy, you tend to tell yourself “Maybe this is what I actually wanted! Maybe I’m not meant to reach out to the sun”.

Maybe once you get to the star you will be surprised and glad about all the choices you made, or it could also happen that in your death bed, after winning the race, all you would wish for is for another chance to chase the sun.

The funny thing about this situation is that you will never know if you were right in chasing the stars or you regret in not being a sun chaser till you reach the end.

To reach the end is, to see tomorrow. Tomorrow is the hope and dream of every today, but the actual face of tomorrow is always hidden from the eyes of today.







Happy new year!

First of all, I wish you a very happy new year! ‘May your year be filled with magic and dreams and the dash of craziness. I hope you read fine books and find someone who thinks you are wonderful and don’t forget to make some art- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope somewhere in this year you surprise yourself!’ someone wished me a happy new year with these words and I think this is the best way you can wish anyone for a great year ahead. So I extend my greetings to you too with the above words.

So to begin with I was never too big on resolutions, but maybe now is the time to try if they work.

  • Live everyday to the best. Make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Happiness and smile.
  • Write,read, draw and travel.
  • KA sees light this year.
  • Non-accommodating and stubborn. Zero tolerance for nonsense and rudeness.
  • Work and fun.
  • Believe/Trust. Believe/Trust completely.
  • Go crazy.
  • Learn to swim.
  • Atleast one adventure sport.
  • Spend wisely and choose carefully.
  • Face life’s challenges without losing courage and faith.
  • Meaningful conversations and worthy bonds.
  • Question without fear.
  • Time with those who care, flush out trial for those who don’t.
  • Kindness, spontanity and love.
  • Mumbai, Bangalore and New York.
  • Academics and co-curriculars.
  • Family and support.
  • New experiences and friends.
  • Understand and not judge.
  • Listen to a bit of mockery/criticism but walk off if it even hurts a bit. Give it back with interest.

I am just about to finish and I just received a surprise new year present from my neighbour.

My first day of new year was brilliant 🙂  How was yours?

❤ :*



Fav text-message from a stranger.

One night during my Eleventh standard I was being the usual grumpy teenager and acting all depressed in life. I was having a long day, hectic schedule and a ton load of assignments and  studies were waiting to be completed for the next day. That’s when I received this message on my broken Nokia phone (whose keypad was wearing out and I had tied a red rubber band around the phone to hold it together) that put a smile on my face. This was from an unknown number, I had texted back to find out who it was, but I did not get any reply. As fate has it I have not found out till date who the sender of this beautiful four lines poem( which remains my favourite text message from a stranger) was. These four lines have remained with me for a long time, today when I was going through my old  journal entries I found these lines in the corner of a page and I was reminded of that text message.

पलके जो हमने भिगोए ही नहीं,
वोह सोचतें हैं कि हम रोए ही नहीं;
वोह पूछतें हैं ‘किसे देखते हो ख़ाबों में ?’
हम हैं कि एक अर्ज़े से सोए ही नहीं | 


P.S – If you are that stranger who sent me those lines,

If you did really know me in person,

And if you were/are not a creepy psycho,

Thank you 🙂

Breaks that bring life with it.

I am in a very happy phase of my life right now. My life  presently is almost perfect though there are a few thorns on the way, they don’t seem like a huge mountain from my present view.

I am on my semester vacation for two weeks, which was a break that I was waiting for from a very long time. I wished to revive my summer vacation memories from my childhood by visiting our ancestral home where my grandparents had lived. I remember the days we went around and played hide and seek and the whole gang of cousins who rushed down there for vacations sat by the pond munching mangoes.Granddad used to tell us interesting stories and tales from the famous epics, from Mahabharata, Ramayana and stories of little Jesus and stories of Krishna’s. We would fight to get a spot next to Granpa just to hear his stories more clearly. Granpa and Granma would make us homemade chips and out of which Granpa was the head cook for all the delicacies that were cooked for us and were our favourites. The way he treated us, the way he treated my mom and the way he behaved at home would be the standard that every man entering our lives  and wishes to stay would have to match.

But this was the story from my childhood days but the situation now is very different. The house now lies uninhabited along with the neighbouring houses that were rustling with happy noises in the past are now replaced with a silence that echoes of memories from the past. Every door, every corner that I revisited talk about the people that once lived there, of the family that grew up there, of the children who were married off from the same house, of the little kids who were cheerfully welcomed by the grandparents, of stories how they grew older together and so did their grandparents. The households in its heart stories of a young man who was essentially  self-made, honest and loving. The man whom the entire village respected and came looking for advice.The house had seen a man who was an adored teacher and headmaster to every child who grew up in the locality, he was also a man who loved his land a farmer. The house was also home to a woman who was again above most common women of her times, a woman who was a teacher that too of a language that is not native to the land she stayed in, she was the one who supported the man of the house who looked after his mother who lost her memories like her own along with being a working woman, a mother and a farmer herself.

But comparing the present situation with past will mostly lead us to disappointments.My cousins and I have now grown up.Our timetables don’t match each other’s anymore. We no longer get  summer vacations. Everyone is getting a hang of responsibilities and each one of us trying our hardest to get used to being ‘an adult’. It is painful to see closed doors. But life has to go on and it is imperative that we change. It is important to grow up.

With time changing I have realized that I am no longer a child whose opinion is gullible. I have developed strong opinions on different subjects. Though I feel I should know my roots but I no longer am able to love people I once loved so dearly. I find them to be so disgusting at times that there is no point trying to convince them to open their closed brains to the bigger better world,  to get to know people from all walks of lives without prejudices and lame biases.

I used to see people previously either in white or black light, but I have over the years learnt no one is completely black or white, everyone is grey sometimes maybe with either of the two colours taking prominence over the other.  I now see People in different shades of grey.

There is also another thing I’ve come to realise some relationships in life are much more than blood relations. I have come to realise that after my family, it is not any relative that I would be willing to do anything for, it would be my neighbours and my friends.

I always wondered if it was possible to stop loving someone, I now know it is possible.  This break so far has taught me a lot of things that no textbook would ever. The life experiences I saw, people I met and the situations that changed the whole meaning of living for me was my biggest takeaway from my semester break.

Breaks and holidays help us grow into better human beings because it often takes us far from our mundane selves who are self-obsessed and selfish, Breaks help us reconnect with ourselves and others and makes us rethink our priorities.


We care about wrong things, wrong people and wrong emotions that leave our life messed up and complicated. We do not express when we have to, we do not speak when our voices need to be heard, and we shy away from facing the light when that’s what we always yearned for.

We often find ourselves envying little kids. Mostly because they speak their mind when we cannot. They laugh at silly things and find happiness in smallest deeds that we chose to ignore. Ever wondered why we are often amazed at the innocence that they display?

The little children do not need big degrees or fancy houses to feel happy and content. They do not think of status before talking to a shabbily dressed kid across the street. They do not forge friendships because of greed. They do not make false promises nor do they shy away from being straightforward. They do not shy away from expressing love , dislike or desire. They often lose count of number of friends they have mainly because they are friends with everyone in their class. They are least tolerant to injustice, they cry and scream if they feel they are being wrongly treated. They talk about everything under the sun and even about the child next door whom they would marry when they grew up. They have no false pretenses.They share hugs and kisses without much thought.They dance and sing without requiring an occasion to do so. They do all this by being just themselves, children.

We on the other hand are not happy even with our fancy houses and degrees. We do not talk to a shabbily dressed person sitting next to us, well that is status. We often are blinded by greed when we forge friendships, and we get depressed when such friendships lose meaning after some time.  We do not realize that booze, money and party is not all that, what friends are for. We cannot afford to be straightforward and tell our friends when they go wrong, for the fear of losing them. We cannot even tell someone we like them again for the fear of losing them. We choose to love people with a set of conditions and changes applied to ourselves. We avoid confrontations, why? Because hey life will be much simpler with them and we are adults we cannot have simple lives. We do not laugh when we feel like, because we are well-mannered. We do not cry when we feel like, of-course we cannot show we’re fragile. We choose to be depressed but we would never share our feelings with others. We cannot see the beauty and the bliss that surrounds us, mainly because we are busy searching for things that are going wrong. We do not appreciate what we have until we lose it. We live under the umbrella of being responsible and forget we are not carrying the burden of the world on our shoulders. We cannot question without being judged. We do not ask for a hug when we need one. We do not stop even when we witness injustice, because we are trained to be scared. We choose to walk away.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we complicating our simple life? Why do we not have time for anybody anymore? Why are we cribbing and ranting all the time? Why do we chose money over happiness , Work over family,and stress over peace?  We need to stop this crazy maddening race, and look at the mess we have created for ourselves. We need to clean up the mess before it starts piling up.This mess can be cleared away by doing just one thing right looking at our life through the eyes of a child.

Let us un-complicate our lives and be little children again. Let us ask for a hug when we want one. Let us not lie when we need to speak the truth. Let us express not to impress, but because we need to express. Let us not hide behind our blankets when we witness injustice,let us scream let us shout. Let us let others know when we like them, more so when we love them. Let us really realize that we do not lose anyone by letting them know what they mean to us.Let us not be afraid to cry when we are hurt. Let us not bother ourselves with nasty comments passed by strangers. Let us say thank you when someone helps us, even if they are paid to do that. Let us accept our mistakes and say sorry without letting our egos get ahead of us. Let us treat everyone with the  respect that we expect from them.Let us start expressing that we care. Let us learn to be polite. Let us learn to understand and not judge. Let us learn to smile, for no reason at all. Let us learn to stop. Just stop whenever we feel like. Let us make time for more in life, not just for people in our phones but for real people in our lives. Let us experience happiness. Let us sing and dance whenever we feel like, without letting any tomorrow bother our today.

Let us un-complicate our lives. Let us live the rest of our lives like a child.


Things are meant to change in life. I know.

From school, to college.

From college to career.

From home to strange places.

From fights to family.

From one crush to another.

From sandwich to subway.

From friends to colleagues.

But there are somethings that should stay the same. These are:-

peace of mind, love and  sleep.

Aaaaargh! I haven’t slept properly in a week first because of my exams, then packing, now project viva and I’m dead tired. Lying on my bed in a messy room, my head splitting into a million pieces due to head ache and all my friends texting at that exact moment when I almost doze off and I’m not able to sleep. No clue what to do. So frustrating. :/ 😥 😦

I want to sneak in some sleep time 😦

Growing up.Moving on.

Growing up sucks! Yeah Monica was right when she said Rachel ‘Welcome to real world, it sucks! You’re going to love it!’  I fully understand what she meant today.

I’m right now in a state where I can’t exactly explain what I feel. I’m in betweens situations where there is extreme happiness of making it to where I felt I belonged ,  and that fix when you ask why did this happen only to you. Then I see the silver lining in the situations.After a long time I’m actually going to pursue something that my heart told me to pursue and not what the brain forced me to. I’m taking a leap of faith and I’m sure no matter where I get after this I won’t regret it. I might make money or I might not, but that’s not why I want to do it. I want to go to SIMC because i want to be a part of something I love, I want to work in a field where I’ll enjoy whatever I do.

Engg has not been a jolly ride for me. Every day I sat in any class, one thing that was a constant was the thought ‘why the hell am I here? I hate this thing!’  I made great friends, I’ve had amazing experiences, learnt a lot of things in life, had my many first experiences in engg, I learnt to fail, I learnt to pull myself up and walk looking everyone right in the eye, I learnt not to involve in things/events/people that you are sure are a waste of time, I learnt not to judge people but to understand them, I learnt a lot about life here. But one thing I hated throughout engg was the course it self, there was absolutely no passion. I think if you are yet to join engg and are doing it just for the sake of it, then stop. Do not waste 4years of your life. Do not do something just for the sake of doing it, do it because that’s what your heart wants. Of course you’ll get a job at the end of 4 years. You’ll get your degree certificate, but then what’s the use when you are not happy? What is the use when you have no passion for the subject? What is the use when you do not belong there? What is the use of living the rest of your life feeling the same way? So do yourself a favor and take the subject you actually are passionate about. Maybe it’ll pay you less, so what? Choti gadi,chota ghar but you’ll be happy 🙂

That’s exactly what I’m going to do now. Do what my heart tells me. I might suck at it initially, but I’ll get better. I’ll definitely get much better and that getting better is success for me.

Yes, I’m scared. I’m shit scared, new place, new people, new subject. I’m so tempted to stay back, now that people I love are having a hard time, I feel like stating back for them. But then again, their strength, honesty and faith makes me feel proud of being associated with them. I’ve understood well that life is not about the romantic and glittery picture that is shown in movies or books, it is how much you can smile when opening eyes to face another day is the worst nightmare. Love is about how in times when your loved ones can not stop worrying, that conviction with which you say everything will be alright, I’m there for you always.

I’m so glad for everything I have right now. I’m thankful for this moment and mainly for the people in my life. My family and friends. When it gets hard for me to hide emotions swirling in my head, that’s when smile comes handy. The most precious jewel that anyone can ever possess ; smile!

I know this whole article is haphazard but then so is life. Moments and memories add are thrown at us and are so haphazardly but look at the end picture, that’s beautiful with everything haphazard that fits with each other so perfectly.

One week and project viva, my birthday, then I leave my nest the next day to find where is it that I actually belong. I’m looking forward to my life in SIMC and to enjoying everything that I do.

Wish me luck and also hope that  all those troubles melt away soon. 🙂

Anyway you take care and be thankful for your blessings. 🙂

The Day.

I was fast asleep. A quick afternoon nap, I had lied to my prof about being sick,bunked college that day and was enjoying my lazy day. So happy and I had the best dream in a long time. I dreamt about my best friend Niku and me pulling a crazy prank on our professor. I couldn’t wait to tell her about it. I was going to call her up when my mom shouts at me for not waking up early, for lying to my prof and not having food on time. Oh such a moment spoiler! And which sane person on this earth wakes up early on a holiday!

But then again if I say anything now, I know I’ll be doing dishes for the whole of next week. So I slowly pull myself out of my bed and finish my daily chores, yeah brushing and having my breakfast. Coffee in my hand and  I skim through the newspaper. I mean is there anything more peaceful than the combination of these two? (Of course I mean Page3 when I say newspaper!)


Then I remember I have to call Niku to tell her about my dream! I pick my phone and dial her number, well it’s ringing. That idiot wasn’t picking up my calls! Nothing annoys me more than this. I decide to boycott her calls when she calls me. I turn on the WiFi and check my msgs on Whatsapp.So many notifications! What has happened I wonder!

I read a message from my classmate Suresh ‘Earthquake in Nepal! Any news from them?’

I call him up almost immediately, ‘When did it happen? Did you hear from them? They are safe aren’t they?’  I bombard these questions at him in a single breath with my voice shaking.

Suresh replies in negative. I was breathless and collapse into a chair. My mom panics looking at my state, questions me what happened. I tell her to watch the news and hurriedly try calling Niku on her phone,leave a zillion msgs ‘ Are you’ll okay? Are you safe? Please reply! Please I’m so scared please reply!’

I try calling the restof them on their mobiles too. I call the helpline number , no use. The rest of my classmates were panicking too. We had no clue where our friends were at that very moment. We didn’t know if they were safe. They had gone just to enjoy, a last trip before the college ended. I didn’t go in spite of them forcing me to because I had to prepare for my exams. I so regret it now. I do not know where my buddies are, where my Niku is , where Avi is . I just do not know. I was getting dreadful thoughts and I cannot even explain how anxious I was. Tears haven’t stopped from the time I heard the news.I kept praying for their safety. I kept checking my phone like a fanatic for one msg from Niku and Avi. I could feel every second passing, every minute seemed like an hour. My mom kept comforting me saying Niku and the rest of them would be Safe. ‘Yes they will be. They have no other choice but to be safe’ I kept reassuring myself. They will be safe.

5 hours passed and no msgs, no information about them.Around 6.30 I get a phone call that felt like heaven, the name flashed on the phone screen Niku . I picked up the call, I cried and laughed at the same time ‘Niku…’

‘Yes. I’m fine. At the airport. We’ll be flying out tomorrow. I’ll come home and call you.The network is shaky bye’ She said in a shaky voice with most words unclear.

‘I’ll be waiting’ I said from this end. This one phone call calmed ns me down a little bit. Mom forced me to have dinner, I ate very little. I sat infront of the TV watching the horrifying news, tears running down my eyes but thankful that my friends are safe. I could imagine how traumatised they were at that exact moment. I tried calling Niku,Avi and the rest of them but phones were not reachable, that’s okay at least they were safe.

I couldn’t get much sleep. I kept twisting and turning the whole night. I reached the airport first thing in the morning. I kept waiting for them to arrive at the terminal, I couldn’t wait to laugh at silly things with Niku and for the warm teddy bear hugs from Avi. All of their parents were at the terminal too. Niku’s ma sat beside me with her swollen eyes and red nose, not taking the eyes off  the passengers arrival point. I gave her a tight hug and held her hands tight. We waited for them to arrive. There after long hours of waiting I spotted them. We ran towards them. Aunty and I hugged Niku together. She was in a devastated condition. I smiled at her. ‘ You were brave!’ I said hugging her tight.

She kept looking at me while I went and hugged the rest of my classmates. All of them looked at me the same way Niku did.

‘Come let’s go home’  I said.

Niku and I got into her car. Aunty and uncle sat in the front. They dropped me off at my home,

While getting down I asked her

‘ Avi went directly to Mumbai right? Is  his phone reachable now?’

‘Avi… Is never going to be reachable now!’ Niku said bursting into tears.

I understood the look on everyone’s faces at the airport. I blanked out and my world went spiralling. I collapsed.

Niku held me and took me inside my home. My mom was delighted to see Niku, but didn’t understand my condition.

I think that’s what Niku said to my mom ‘Avi passed away.’

‘Omg!The boy You did your assignments with na beta.’ Mom almost said something more I don’t remember.

Niku stared at me helplessly and I just sat still unable to comprehend, I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t shout. I couldn’t do anything more. I had no voice. I didn’t exist anymore.  I didn’t make any sense anymore. I was void.


#NepalEarthquake #beSafe #prayers



There are a few, unquantifiable moments in each of our lives… and before you know it, you’re asking your parents for permission to take ‘One Last Trip’ with your friends. Yes. College. A seemingly long drawn-out moment in life. Four years ago, if I were introduced to my current self, I would have scoffed at the possibility of being who I am today. Yeah, must have been one big moment.

You go into the ride, excited to ‘grow up’. You come out exhausted and with a ton of memories of the whirlwind ride. College opens up the bridge – that between the comforts of our adolescence and the big, bad world. The world we are thrust into, albeit in our 20s, is still too hot to handle. From not bothering how daddy paid my schools and toy fees, to wondering what exactly I’m going to do with my life, I have certainly grown. So much time has elapsed between the day I first walked around campus, wondering how I of all people would fit in, I of all people would study. Today I wonder how I ever will leave this place.

To every fight, every argument, every lunch break and every swear word.- It’s been a circumambulation – one way leading us all back to where we came from. In this roller coaster, I’ve met people who care for me from afar, who loathe me from the seat ahead, and those who never held anything back…

Endless miles of traffic, endless fights, endless disappointment and pain later, I am going to push forward with something to show for. An almost ubiquitous pang of dread is starting to form a bubble around us all. Where do we go from here? Is my life over or is it just about to take flight?

Future will always remain uncertain. It might change us into mature hardened individuals or happier childish souls. It may be better or worse than our days in college. Future might just be very boring and very tiring or it might be exciting with fresh challenges. But we do not know anything about our future now, nor can we ever perfectly predict how it is going to turn out.

All this time, all these people have left me with a whisker of knowledge – that being a grown up isn’t any big whoop. Enjoy each day as it comes, live it as you’d want. Because if four years can be fleeting, and frozen into a moment, life will pass us by.  All we have with us is today, this moment. We never know what to expect out of an uncertain tomorrow.So do everything you love right now don’t wait for tomorrow, Sharukh Khan is right when he says ‘ Kal Ho Na Ho.’

Kal Ho Na Ho.

Companion and I

Side by side we sat,

My companion and I.

No words were ever spoken,

No thoughts were exchanged,

No truths were being told;

No lies crept in between.

No masks were worn today,

Nor any faces were revealed,

Side by side we sat;

My companion and I.

Completely in sync,

Though lost else where,

Looking out into the same green;

Two contrasting worlds we saw.

Two pairs of eyes,

Two pairs of ears!

Monotony of the nature;

Calm sights,blissful sounds.

One foot distance separates us,

Did that result in this change?

Created alike, yet worlds apart;

Careful yet so carefree!

Selfless love and contentment,

One so full l,the other so null;

Side by side we sat,

My companion and I.

 An occasional touch or a smile,

An assurance, I’m by your side;

That’s all we need,

My companion and I.



‘Twang’ went the basketball into the basket, his team hugged him in celebration, he tilted hid head side-ward, ‘Oh shit!’ I gasped, ‘Neeta I guess he saw us looking at him’ Neeta said ‘Chill ya, we were looking at the entire team play 😉 ‘ Does this tickle any cute memories from your school or college life? Remember that Senior you used to have a crush on,or the prettiest girl in your class whom you liked, oh the crush on your lecturer is still a little embarrassing isn’t it? Remember the guy who turned around eighty times in thirty minutes to catch a glimpse of you in the class? Do you still remember the dance that stole your heart away or the soothing voice or that one quality that separated your special someone from the rest of the world? All this when your friends kept telling, ‘You like him/Her? OH god! That person is so ugly!’ , in spite of all that you still had a crush on that special someone in your school, college or any other place you found them in. 🙂 😛  Oh well, are you blushing thinking of that crush or you’re thinking about how stupid you acted at that time? You need not think that you are alone in it,every person reading this had or still has a crush on someone or the other. You are definitely not alone in it. crushes. This fact is very well known to all those romance writers and those movie producers, who cash in on our sentiments and our secret crushes to sell their movie or the book. Next time your close friend says ‘No, I do not have a crush on anyone’ you get up and call that a ‘Bluff’, because now I’ve told you the secret. My friend forced me to write about the most interesting subject to gossip about ‘ crush ‘.

I’m going to list down the symptoms you have when you are down with the fever called the crush, maybe you could relive those ‘irritatingly exciting moments with me’.

Firstly, how do you develop a crush on someone?

Answer: Mainly most crushes develop when you notice those special features or talents that you do not posses or you do and once these features or talents are spotted you are helplessly drawn to the person. Sometimes crushes also start with your friends misleading you with the statements ‘You know we think you guys will look cute together’ or ‘you know he/she keeps looking at you’ or ‘ I think he/she likes you’ or ‘OMG! he/she is so handsome’. When you hear such things you suddenly start noticing a person you didn’t even know existed till yesterday. Yes. Most infatuations/crush/like begin because of your friends…


Now what are the initial symptoms of this illness? 😛


  • You start hyperventilating at the sight of the person.

  • You hope desperately that the person or your friends do not notice this.

  • You pretend to act cool try and catch a good glimpse of the person, of-course you don’t make it obvious.

  • You are constantly worried if it shows on your face. (‘My face didn’t swell up did it)

  • You get an accidental text from that person you do a tiny little dance to celebrate, and grin for hours which makes people around you wonder if you’ve lost it!

  • Even in texts you are too careful not to reveal anything. (Hi! 🙂 *thinks ‘Is it a little too much? Does the emoticon tell that I like him? * 😀 )

  • You dream about them! most of the time ( wow, this is serious 😛 )

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When does the crush turn into a mild headache?

Answer: The crush becomes a headache when your annoying friends get to know about it. Didn’t you just sigh when you read that? You are more scared that your friends know about it rather than the person itself. You know the torture that awaits.

These are the few things that happen when your friends know about the person you have a crush on.

* Your friends talk about your crush in the loudest possible manner, don’t they realise it’s a secret. ‘Susssh guys. People can hear!’


*They laugh out loud whenever your crush passes by and call our your name so loudly that the whole school/college can hear it, though they are sitting right next to you. ( ‘Oh stop it you guys!’)

* If they are acquainted to your crush they mention repeatedly how cute you guys are/ you guys should be dating/ how you and your crush have a similar taste etc in front of your crush.

* They come up with situations where you and your crush spend some quality time( read as awkward and embarrassing time) together.

* If you do not know your crush properly, your friends volunteer to make contacts with that person (‘You know my hostel mate’s classmate’s room-mate is his friend, we could ask them to join us for the trip na?’    Me: ‘Please,no! just don’t embarrass me any more,please’ (You beg them, but you know no use))

* They swear not to tell anyone about it, but then in a week the whole college knows , URGGHH! those idiots. Does he/she know about it too? I’d rather change my college now.

*They even make songs about you two.Special songs meant for you guys that only your friends and you know, for the rest of them it is just another normal song. Anytime they want to tease you, they sing the song be it in the middle of a very important lecture when you can’t even react. You are like ‘ I’ll kill you’ll today’today’

  * If any limit is set for embarrassment, all limits will be crossed to embarrass you, well you had to think twice before you became friends with them. Ab bhugto!

* They cyber-stalk the person,like craaazy. ‘You do know that there is a tiny little swing on the left-side of the right corner of his house right?'(Me: How the hell do you know that?)

* They stare at your crush whenever he/she passes by and give you the wickedest smile, then nudge the person next to them and point a finger at your crush and say ‘That person is her crush, there in the blue tee-shirt , on the bullet , see right there’ (‘Someone kill me now!’)

*They almost make sure your crush gets a hint about it, at least they make sure that your crush starts noticing you. 


What happens after the annoying friends phase?

Answer: You start annoying your friends with how amazing your crush looks today, how awesome they sing etc.

Below are the things that you would do after or during the annoying-friends phase of your crush period.

*Did you notice the way he looked today? So handsome!

* Did you know he/she is an excellent dancer/singer/sportsperson too!

*He/she loves dogs guys, isn’t that cute?

* I’m friends-with him/her on FB! So cool na? *  Me: I’ve to tell you guys something!            Friends: ‘What?’ Me: Long story after the class 😛   Friends: You always do this. :/

*ME: You’ll want to know what I dreamt about last night?            Friends: ‘no thanks, it’ll be some lame shit about that crush!    ME: Whatever!

  • You want to go watch that movie at 2.00 in INOX today? Friends: Why? Is your crush going there today?

  • His/her mom is pretty too. Friends: You cyber-stalked again. Yeah.(Looks down at the phone)

  • There is some girl/ guy with my crush on my crush’s dp! 😦 (pray that they are your crush’s brother/sister/cousin. They do look similar,pakka cousin 😀 )

  • Did you see this pic, such an adventure lover!                          Friends: Yeah, you can’t even climb the stairs, lazy bum.

*You won’t believe but he/she is a guitarist/drummer. Isn’t that awesome?

So this phase also passes then you either get bored of the crush or a more awesome person is spotted and your crush shifts from the present person and to the other or then you end up dating your crush and live happily ever after.

No,the last one is least probable, because most of us like living with regrets in our hearts. I mean if you’re 80 years old and have no regrets in your life then what’s the whole point of living,isn’t it? So you won’t ever tell your crush, that you had a crush and nor will your crush tell you the that they had a crush on you, because you know, you like living with regrets and you like not confessing thing, it’s so awesome. 😛

Or you do confess but then your crush smiles and says ‘ Oh that’s too cute, I like you too as a friend.’

Or you date your crush because your idiotic friends made it happen.

Having a Crush is that one thing that is full potential, it is up to you wheather you want to pursue it further or just enjoy the moment and let it pass. Whatever it is , it is that one phase that you become all needy,clingy, whiny and a little lunatic too.

Having a crush keeps your life interesting. Even after ten years at the college/school reunion when you and your friends are cracking jokes and someone brings up this topic in front of your crush, who would be still be unaware … Friend : ‘You remember the time when you had a crush on…’

You strangle your friend saying : ‘ Shut up, or I swear I’ll kill you.’

P.S: This post is dedicated to my annoying but amazing friends who forced me to write on this topic. I’m going to miss you’ll so badly. Love you’ll.College/School was fun only because you guys were by my side. Specially written for Bhavya and Apoorva. :*  This post is also dedicated to all my friends’ crushes and also a few of mine 😛 ; the lecturer, the school friend, the 80 times head turner 😛 , the senior, the super-senior, the abacus mate, the best-friend, the I don’t know you in college but I know you when I text person, etc. All the above mentioned people, thanks for existing and making our lives  fun 🙂 And also dedicated to all the crushes of my readers, who went down the memory lane reminiscing their own experiences while reading this.Even if you thought this was bull-shit, thanks for reading till the end. Cheers! :* 🙂


Friends, parents, siblings, spouses, relatives, special relationships; a lot has been said about them. They are the high rated relationships that exist in a human’s life. I agree, they are really important, and they make up your world, my world and our world. Then again there are a few special people who are the most under-rated in the list of our relationships, but they are the ones that most often make our lives simple, a little less complicated and a little more wonderful. They are the simple joys, sometimes the biggest help, they are the life savers.

Cycle-days :')

No, I’m not talking about doctors, but I am talking about those people who will accompany you to doctor at 2.00 am in case of emergency, those people who will calm your family down when they panic, they are your gossip buddies, they are give you the healthy recipes for any dish, your advisors on career, your company when you want to go out for a quick snack, they suggest the best tailors around, the best place to buy groceries from, they are your baby-sitters when you have to finish a work, I’m talking about those people to whom you can shamelessly ask for a bowl of sugar when you run out of groceries and a guest comes home, they are the ones you trust your children with in-case you go away for some time, they are the safe-keepers of your house key when you leave for work, in short they are the angels in your life. Yes, I’m talking about your/my/our awesome neighbours. If you have one, you know what I’m talking about.

Yes, your relatives cannot understand how you can leave your kid alone at home when you go to your native. They do not understand that you’ve left them with your adopted family J Good neighbours, the wonderful souls we are lucky to live amongst.

I am personally very lucky for being able to live in such an amazing neighbourhood throughout my childhood and that continuing till date. If I had to number all the relationships in my life according to priority, I would number my neighbours above all of my relatives and even above few of my close friends. Wouldn’t you? You would definitely, if you have the great set of neighbours like I do.

Let me tell you a little bit about my neighbours, they give me the yummiest dishes to eat, they accompany me till my home when I’m too scared to walk as I spotted a dog sitting on the road, they listen to songs and have long conversations on the terrace after 9.30 in the night, they are happy even in my tiny little successes, they go on long walks with me around the colony, they help out when my parents are out of station, they celebrate almost all festivals with me(and my family of course 😀 ) and are my pillar of support most of the time.

We have a level of comfort around our long term neighbours that we do not feel even around some of our relatives. We can discuss almost anything with them, and staying neighbours for a long time there is even mutual respect for privacy though most of us know what happens in each other’s family, but do not prod because we respect that privacy. We can even barge in at night to borrow coffee or for a quick gossip session. I mean having good neighbours makes our lives a little uncomplicated. I am very blessed that I have this gift.

Even though these people are such important parts of our lives they are not given that official status that our other relationships have. So today I would like to extend my heartfelt warmth and thanks to all my/our wonderful neighbours. You have been angels at all times. The one reason moving away from this place is hard for us is because you people are so adorable. You have given us a lot of things in our  lives, that includes those yummy chicken biriyanis, patrodas, Christmas cakes, birthday parties, get-togethers (they are fun only because of you), medicines and unselfish care in times of need. I specially want to thank all the tiny, cute little adorable neighbours, whose naughty eyes and glittery smiles makes our day.

All of you, who feel bad for not being that good a neighbour to your neighbour(s), contact me for my neighbours’ numbers so that you could learn a thing or two from them. If you have a great neighbour go ahead and say thank you for being a part of your life,

like I’m saying 😀

My dear CSB colony mates/neighbours love you all, thank you for everything. I’m so glad I’ve grown up among-st you’ll.


If I Spoke exactly how I felt.

As I reflect on yesterday,

Many many yesterdays,

I wonder how my life would have been,

If I spoke how I felt at the exact moment,

If I spoke how I felt before I exactly felt it,

If I spoke exactly how I felt long ago in past,

Maybe just maybe I would be living a different today.

A Very different today.

Maybe  if I told you how I felt,

If I had told myself how I felt,

Maybe I’d have seen a different world today,

Maybe just maybe.

(Another random thought 😛 )


I love travelling. Not from today, from the time I was very little.Major travelling which took place in my life was the time when my sister and I went to my grandparent’s house in Kerala during our summer breaks. I used to look forward to the travelling the most.My dad seldom booked tickets before hand, in short we had unplanned journeys,which we loved of-course!

‘ Pack your bag I’m taking you guys to your granny’s’ , my dad would come in unannounced and order us.

‘Yay! we’re going by bus!’ we would squeal.

Here by bus, we did not mean the super cool volvos, here bus means the govt transport buses.We used to travel 700 kms by splitting our journey into five parts: Bangalore to Hosur, Hosur to Salem, Salem to Coimbatore, Coimbatore to Palakkad, Palakkad to Kottayam. Now the best part of this break journey was the food at every station we got down in: the filter coffees,the saravana bhavan masala dosas and idli vadas with the yummiest sambar and chutney,then the chicken kebab and fries from palakkad and payam pori’s of thrissur , just imagining these food makes my mouth water even now.

Another one thing that stuck to my little mind was the liveliness of the bus-stands when the rest of the world would be sound asleep.The bus-stands and the out-skirts of these bus-stands rustle with the sound of shops and travelers at all hours of the day and night. People selling flowers, snacks, toys, books,men gambling away to glory in one corner,ladies with bright red/pink lipsticks and fragrant jasmine pinned into their hair standing in a group and laughing at some incoherent jokes that someone cracked are the scenes so clear in my memory.This was my encounter from my initial trips during summer vacations with my dad.

As I grew older I became more fond of studying the co-passengers in the bus we traveled along with my love for food at different places. Every bus journey had some women who would push me and my sister into a single seat much to our annoyance! So what if we were small, the conductor didn’t let us sit there for free, we had to take half ticket! How dare that aunty with a huge bum pushed us and sat in our places while we meekly complained to our mother. The worst part about this thing is that it would often happen when we would have finally got some sleep. Apart from this annoying aunty I remember another brave lady, who sat next to my mother.

This lady held her one month old infant in her hand and was breast-feeding it, while she had goods for business that she had brought from Cochin to her home in a village somewhere between  Coimbatore and Salem.She got down in a deserted place at one thirty in the night!That too when her husband was away at some other place for business, and she had to walk back to her home about a mile away from that bus-stop all alone holding her infant in one hand and the luggage in the other. All this she does with a bright infectious smile on her face.


There are more such little but important incidents I remember from my usual trips of summer vacation but the journey that is closest to my heart is the one that I went on last October. I was thrilled beyond words when this email popped in my inbox, for you it might not be a big deal but for me it meant the whole world.


Dear INKster,

Congratulations! You have won a free pass to INK Live 2013.
We have good news for you. Due to the overwhelming and excellent responses for ‘All That Matters’, INK Live has selected more winners, and your entry is one of them.
Looking forward to see you there!
– INK Team
This was the best news I had heard in a while. I was sure that I would have a tough time convincing my parents to send me to INK by paying 3K, so winning a free pass to INK LIVE 2013 definitely went a long way in convincing my parents to let me attend it. This competition ‘All That Matters’ required us to fill in 4 words after ‘ ALL THAT MATTERS IS —— —— —– ——‘
and I wrote ‘ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE WAY I SEE MYSELF’  These four words had somehow managed to get me  a chance to travel alone for the first time. INK was happening in Ernakulam, a city that I have been to innumerable times but never alone, and when you are alone even in a city you’ve been before it makes you see the city in a new light. I traveled alone to get to my destination in a train filled with strangers and it is one of the best journeys of my life, I went to a place where I had no friends and no one I knew of. When I returned I returned with the confidence to write, the workshop by Lavanya Shankar  was so empowering, for once in a long time I felt I belonged in a crowd, I felt at home amidst strangers. I found so many like minded people who shared my passion for writing and travel.Within a short period I became friends with three awesome people Danny, Sundar and Surbhi.All three of them wonderful writers and excellent human beings. Spending just three days with them made me feel I knew them for a long time.Even now the fact that we are in touch makes me believe in the power of accidental encounters in accidental journeys. Even though I was a little nervous before I went to INK, I knew I had only gained a lot more than I ever expected. The new technologies, the common people who had the guts to do the common things which the rest of us are ashamed to do, the unconventional ideas,the different life stories from different people from all walk of life, the inspiring talks, workshops and the drum jam session made INK top the list of perfect trips in my life.
Well, before INK was my beautiful journey with my family to Munnar, which was perfect too. I went on a trip with my friends recently,during last semester break but even as the trip was completely crazzy and fun-filled , I missed the solitude and space I got to retrospect during the train and bus journeys I went on before.
I feel I am missing a very important part of my life by forgetting to travel, so I seized the oppurtunity when it came my way recently. You can learn so much from a journey than you can ever learn by spending a year amidst text-books.Well at-least for me this holds true 😛 😀 😛 🙂 😉  So grab a book, ear-phones, your mobile phone,some cash , pack your bags and set out to the place you always wished to get to.(Before that make sure your boss approves your leave application 😉 😛 )  IMG_20140731_093620403 (1) )

Rape.Rape and some more rape.

Rape.This word is used so commonly these days, but more frequent is its occurrence. I know that as  I  write this article many women/kids/girls/boys are being subjected to sexual harassment at this very moment in our so called cultured country, India.Even at this very moment  thousands of rapists roam freely in this country, no death sentence, no life imprisonment! There is absolutely nothing to scare them.Law with its many loopholes is just a toy to play with for these heinous criminals.They still look at us as objects of sexual satisfaction. Not only us, they even look at our tiny-tots and grandparents as sexual objects. If you are a women you would be well aware of the disgusting feeling you get when a stranger throws a cheap glance at you or when a harasser whistles when you pass by. These small incidents can torment you for days on end.Then imagine the torture you go through if someone dares to touch your body. If you are man, are you aware of the above said feeling? Yes, then let me continue. No? Let me tell you the feeling I am talking about is similar to the one you get if you imagine you fall into septic tank and are covered in human waste from head to toe. Get the idea? Now imagine if the same occurs to a child.Imagine a small kid of say about three years old being ogled and molested.The child is unaware of what exactly is happening to him/her. The child is innocent and rapists misuse this innocence and black-mail the child.Even if he or she is being sexually abused or raped, the child won’t be aware of it until someone informs him/her about it.The trauma of that incident haunts the child once he/she grows up and realizes what had occurred to him/her under the blanket of innocent childhood… I believe, some of you reading this article can relate to the above said situation.I wonder ,how? So this makes it clear that one among the three people who are reading this article has faced some form of sexual harassment during childhood, not  to even mention the abuses you face now. This abuse must stop.For stopping or counter-attacking these abusers we must first know the reason why such abuses could happen so easily in the comfort of our own homes.These are a few possible reasons why you were sexually harassed:-

  1. You did not know what was happening to you.You were alone and vulnerable.

2.You saw glimpses of intimate scenes on tv ,during the hurried channel change by your parents, without any explanation. Now you didn’t know what to make of those scenes as a child. You did not know if it was good or bad. So when the abuser replicated those scenes on you, you didn’t know how to react. 3.You were harassed by a person you had confidence in. Your abuser was a person whom your parents trusted. eg:-teacher, relative, neighborhood aunty/uncle, family friends, servant, worker. In short you did not even realize that you were wronged.                                                                      Even if you realized that you were being harassed, there was no way you could tell your parents about it. Even if you did the chances that they would believe you were negative. 4.You had no clue whom to share it with, your harasser posed as if ‘it’ was all a part of a game that you two were playing. 5. Your parents did not talk to you about safety and private parts till you reached puberty. They always thought child sexual harassment can exist only in newspapers not in real life.It could never happen to their child, so why scare the child unnecessarily? 6.You know the above said reasons but  you are still embarrassed to discuss this issue of ‘rape’ with your children(here I mean a little older ones) and hence will retort to milder sentences like ‘Don’t go out to play’,’Don’t wear such clothes’,’Be careful while you are on road’ etc.   Now that we know ‘why’ children in general, are easy and silent victims to sexual assault, maybe we should think on how we can save our little ones today so that they do not suffer tomorrow. Here are some suggestions which every parent should follow religiously in today’s world to avoid wild jackals pouncing on your young deer.

  1. Talk to your child about their private parts. Yes,even to a three year old! Tell the them that only u(Parents) are allowed close to them or to touch them while bathing them.Tell them how to deal with a situation if a grownup attacks them or misbehaves with them phisically.Tell them to scream and shout at their loudest voice and alert everyone.

Give your child the confidence to share any information with you, about anybody. When I say any, I mean any. Let it even be about your own parents or even your siblings your child should have full freedom and confidence to talk to you without being shouted at or being labelled disrespectful. Most importantly make time for them everyday.Office work is your last priority, first is your child. If you don’t make time for your child’s stories one day it will be a burden than can never be reduced by the money you earn now. 2.DO NOT send your child alone with any random person you know.NO! NOT EVEN YOUR RELATIVES.Limit the circle you can safely leave your child behind to a VERY small one.Only highly trusted members should be left behind for baby-sitting your child. GIVE CLEAR instructions to your child not to go with any uncle or aunty without informing you about the same. 3.DO NOT IGNORE if there is any behavioral change in your child. 4.NO MATTER what happens ASSURE your little one that you are there for him/her at all times. IF byANYTHING HAPPENS tell them it is your fault not theirs. If any incident of abuse comes to your notice,no matter how close that offender is to you, it is your responsibility to get him/her the punishment that he/she deserves. 5.BELIEVE in whatever your child tells you.Explain things to your child in a neutral manner so that he/she easily understands what you are telling them and also in such a manner that it doesn’t scare them. 6.Make a small group with the parents of other children in your colony/residential area and talk about how to effectively tell your children about the issue, how to tackle the issue, how to ensure safety of children without limiting their freedom. Keep the necessary helpline numbers ready at all times. Keep meetings at regular intervals,  do not skip these meetings as this issue is as important as that of water problem or electricity problem. Report to police immediately in case of any crime. 7.If even slight incident of child abuse has come to your notice do not shy away from informing police or handing over the culprit  because of vain thoughts like ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ or ‘Why to get into such un-necessary issues’ etc. 8.Conduct workshops for older children on sex education.You cannot shy away from it,their life is of much more importance compared to your embarrassment. 9.If you find any suspicious individuals around do not wait for a crime to occur to take action. 10.Check the background of the school before admissions and make sure it has an active parents association, because most crimes in school is revealed only when the parents of the students talk to each other. Not just school, do background check for play-schools, servants,drivers etc before finalizing them them for your child. It is time we do more than being just angry at the situation. It is time we train ourselves and our little ones to react before the attack, rather than after the attack.Next time when the sexual assaulter looks at a child as an object of his satisfaction let him be shocked to find a brave warrior in place of an innocent sheep.It is time that next time I write an article I have fighters and revolutionaries reading it rather than victims. Let us do our bit to stop rape, when the whole country and legal system is trying to do theirs. WE NEED TO DO OUR BIT FIRST ONLY THEN CAN WE SEE A CHANGE IN THE COUNTRY. WE HAVE ENOUGH VICTIMS IN THIS COUNTRY , WHAT WE NEED NOW ARE FIGHTERS.

Lights out-The Man in the Darkness.

WOW badge! I got selected in wow again :D

WOW badge! I got selected in wow again 😀

I finish filing my work and Am ready to leave for home. As soon as I reach the lift, the lights in the building go off…

Shit! I always end up in awkward situations like this every-time. Ronit asked me just fifteen minutes before if I wanted a drop back home and what did I say? I said no. At-least if I had gone with him I could have avoided this situation. I’m stuck alone in the office lobby, in the nineteenth floor of the building with no light and no lift.Being fiercely independent has its side-effects too, just look at me for example I’m living in an unknown city all alone in a flat ten kilometers away from my office,  I’m stuck here but no one knows about it. Even if I died here tonight, no one will know till tomorrow morning.What is wrong with me? I must stop thinking of horrible things that can happen to me.

Now no use wasting my time regretting anything or over-thinking, I have to take the stairs. I cannot see anything. Let me at-least turn on my phone-torch. Good! It’s working. Where is the security guard?

‘RamLal, RamLal bhaiya aap kaha ho?’ I shout looking down from the stairs.

‘Meeta behen I’m in the ground floor.Come down carefully,there is some shattered glass on the stairs.’ RamLal’s feeble voice reaches me from the ground floor.

‘Okay. Wait up till I reach there.’ I scream at my loudest voice, making sure he can hear what I say.

I hold my torch-light high up and walk downstairs swiftly. By the time I reach fifth floor from the nineteenth floor I’m panting heavily, also sweating profusely. God! I have to go down another four floors! I sit down on the steps for two-minutes, in the dark,panting… I search for the water bottle in my bag. I suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder.I’m stunned. I instantly turn the torch towards the person behind, the torch turns off… Low battery… I’m hyperventilating now.I’m scared.

‘Who who is there?’ I shout at my loudest voice.

‘You will never know darling…I love you from a very long time… A very long time… From the time you were a student at Brigade high School. You are gorgeous…’ He said. This sent a shiver down my spine… I didn’t know how to react. I clenched the pepper-spray in my bag, ready to attack the man in the darkness.

‘Behen are you okay?Where are you? What is taking you so long?’ RamLal bhaiya shouted from the ground floor.

‘Bhaiya… Some one is here… help me…’ I screamed with tears running down my cheeks unconsciously.

‘Don’t worry I won’t harm you. I’ll not even try to contact you after this. I just needed to tell you how I felt… That’s why I was always around you. I came for you from Bangalore to Mumbai.’ He said.I could feel his breath on my shoulders. I loathed myself for letting someone harass me and not doing anything.

‘I’m coming to you behen. Just don’t panic..’ Security Bhaiya said. I could hear him running up the stairs with full speed.

‘Bhaiya… Hurry up…’ I shouted as I tried to free myself from the Man in the Darkness. He held my hands from behind.I kicked him with my legs, but he seemed too huge to feel anything. Suddenly I could feel his mustache on my face, he kissed me on my cheek, and kept some plastic bag in my hands… Making me hold it…I shouted for help and kicked him harder.trying to free myself from his hold.

‘Bye Sweety. I’m going now, I’ll meet you next after fifteen years.’ that Man said in a creepy voice and I found my hands free suddenly. By then Bhaiya was up with a bright torch and we saw this man disappear into darkness, Bhaiya tried to catch him but he ran away.

‘Behen, Are you okay?’ RamLal bhaiya asked me. I nodded trying to catch my breath. I felt so disgusted for being touched by some unknown stalker. We walked down, bhaiya handed me a bottle of water. I finished the whole bottle. The security Bhaiya called Ronit and told him about what happened. I was blank about whatever happened to me just now. Ronit was almost half-way home, but he came back. I sat in the car. I sat in his car, Ronit pointed out the marks on my fist, that man’s finger marks. I felt so weak at that minute. I loathed myself for being so helpless at that moment. What would I have done if RamLal bhaiya wasn’t around at that time? I was molested in a span of few minutes.I did not even know who he was. All I knew was that he was a psycho stalker who followed me right from my school days. I did not recognize his voice, I did not know him at all. I went through the contents of the cover he handed me. It contained some love-letters written in blood, it freaked me out. I showed them to Ronit he was stunned too.The cover also had my photographs from very private occasions of my life.The occasions I shared only with my dear ones. I looked outside the window as we rode across marine drive. I cannot believe I left myself to be harrassed by some stalker and did nothing.I felt so disgusted at myself.

I looked at the letters once more… I did no recognize the hand writing… Who was this man? I closed my eyes trying to cool myself and trying to erase the nightmare I just had. Ronit looked at me with concern , he said ‘Sorry, I shouldn’t have left…’

We soon reached in front of my apartment. I was about to get down from the car, when a face from my past flashed across my eyes. I knew that that was the face of the Man in the darkness.

Ronit asked ‘Hey, what happened?’

‘Turn around. We’re going to police station.’ I said browsing through those letters to confirm my gut-feeling.

‘But we do not know who he was, what will you tell them?’ Rohit asked turning around.

‘ I know who he was. The Man in the Darkness… I can’t believe it took me so long to recognize him…’ I said with conviction.

‘How do you know?You haven’t even seen his face.’ Ronit asked as we rode towards police station.

‘Every girl knows who that Man in the Darkness is by her instinct… It just takes extreme situations to make her realize his true face…’ I said trying hard to hide my tears from him. He looked at me and wiped them away. His touch was the only comfort I needed that minute, the rest I knew how to take care of…


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Two States.


2 States is the first movie I watched first day, first show. This because I am a hard core Chetan Bhagat  fan. If you utter a word against him I will smash your face, yes I like him that much! Right from the time I read 2 States book I was so impressed by his excellent story telling skill, I became his fan instantly.I loved the book so much that I’ve not stopped reading it over and over again ever since its release.Every character in the book was an imaginary picture till I saw them live in the movie yesterday.

One of the worst things when you watch a movie after reading the book is that you tend to compare everything in the book with the movie. If the visualization of characters and story is not the way you imagined then that will spoil the whole experience for you. But fortunately the ‘2 States’ movie did not disappoint me that way. The characters in the book and movie are exactly the same. I loved the movie because it was as beautiful as the story in the book. The story revolves around how culturally different people fall in love, and then their struggle to make their families from two different states fall in love with each other.If you have a girl-friend/boy-friend from a different community whom you intend to marry eventually, this movie clearly tells you the struggles that lay ahead of you in convincing your families. Even though the situations may be tough initially, they will finally turn to your favor, if you persist as shown in the movie. So don’t lose hope 🙂

Here are the five things in the movie that impressed me the most:

  1. The tamil spoken in the movie is perfect and also the amazing background tamil score– Oh! don’t tell me you haven’t noticed in the most Bollywood movies that the tamil the characters speak are so far away from being tamil, example- Chennai Express. Generally Bollywood movies support the usual tamil stereotyping and also do nothing more to enhance or give the original native touch to the characters, but in 2 states everything was perfect. Be it Aalia’s who played a tamil girl, or her family members.When I went to watch two states I was prepared to hear the poor dialogue delivery of tamil by the characters, but was very impressed with the impeccable dialogue delivery. And there are quite a few pure tamil dialogues too without any hindi translation, which even Krish Malhotra couldn’t understand. 😀 The background tamil score is definitely an added plus to the whole movie experience. I must say Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy did a good job with the music.
  2. The Scary Mother of Ananya not that scary as in the book–  When you read 2 states book Krish wonders how such scary looking parents could have a daughter as cute as Ananya. But Revathy  who plays Ananya’s mother in the movie is far from looking scary. She looks beautiful in the role of Ananya’s mother. She gives her character full justice, just that she didn’t seem to scare Krish as much as in the book. Revathy is very adorable in the role of Ananya’s conservative, protective and loving South-Indian mother.
  3. Shiv Kumar Subramaniam plays a South Indian dad to perfection- Yes! The soft-spoken, introvert, loving and caring South Indian dads come to life with Shiv Kumar Subramanium, playing Ananya’s dad to perfection. When bollywood generally depicts the South Indian characters by the constant use of Aiyyo, and hindi spoken with the accent , here the representation is right on the mark as described in the book. Well done  Abhishek Varman
  4. Amrita Singh , typical punjabi mother and Ronit Roy- As in all the bollywood movies the sweet , caring and loud punjabi mother is played to perfection by Amrita Singh. She has excellent comic timing in the movie. You cannot fully love her character, but you cannot hate it either. She plays a insecure mother unhappy with her son’s choice of life-partner and larger than life ego who finally comes around as she loves her son more than he knows of. Ronit Roy too is exactly how you imagine Krish’s dad to be after reading the book. A military man, with a violent streak but inside he is just an old man who loves his family but doesn’t know how to express it to his wife and son.Typical Indian male Syndrome 😛
  5.  Ananya and Krish – Krish is more or less the same as described in the book. He is that guy who tries to put-together everyone together, the guy who tries to unite the two states by hook or crook. Ananya, she is bubblier than the Ananya in the book. In the book you find a strong,bold,fiercely independent and passionate Ananya, but in the movie she is all that and more. Aalia Bhatt is the life of the movie.We can also see Amrita Singh competing fiercely for that tittle,but ending up in the second position. Basically Ananya is the girl you always dream of, and wish to marry some day.

Overall the movie is an excellent adaptation of the book. But like they say there are always a few glitches, here they are very minor and can almost be neglected when seen as a whole package.

These are the scenes in the book which I was waiting for but was not seen in the movie :

  1.  The scene in the convocation(or ‘conversation‘ as Amrita Singh says 😀 ) when Krish stands up and applauds when Ananya receives her certificate.
  2.  The outing Scene of  the parents in Gandhi Aashram.
  3.  Kid screaming mickey mouse when Krish comes out in dhoti and also the scene when Ananya’s dad asks him if he wishes to exchange the underwear. 😛 😀  This scene was the best scene in the book. Maybe Arjun Kapoor was too embarrased to do this scene 😛 😀
  4.  The Scene in the marriage when Krish actually climbs an auto and leaves , to be furiously brought back by Ananya’s dad . 😀
  5.  The  speech given by Ananya’s dad at the end, in the reception. Also the scene in the hotel room when Krish’s dad arrives in the night.

But even with these scenes missing, I’d say ‘2 states’  is a movie very well adapted by Abhishek Varman. If you haven’t read the book, you’ll love the movie. If you have read the book, even then you will not be disappointed.

Like these real life ‘Krish and Ananya’ I hope that this movie 2 States  too lives happily with its audience forever. 🙂


If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then go watch it.Now… At the max tomorrow 🙂 😀

Gentlemen and the other guys.


 Everyday from the time you wake up till the time you sleep,you find so many guys around. All of them are very different from the rest, with distinctive features of their own. All of these guys can be categorized into ten kinds, one or two of these categories may overlap in case of some guys but then every guy fits into one of these categories without fail. The womanizer , the sweet talker , the shy guy , the intriguing guy , the cheapo, the popular guy, the talented guy, the sensitive guy, the fighter  cunningly smart guy and very few times the gentleman. Here is what separates a gentlemen from the other categories of interesting guys.

  1.  The womanizer- This guy never misses a chance to hit on any girl. He flirts with you at every chance he gets. It just doesn’t matter if he is single or committed he uses his good looks and un-failing charm to make you fall head over heels for him. If this guy is your boy-friend be sure he is not here to stay. He will break your heart without thinking twice. His only care is towards his guilty pleasures; getting laid, alcohol and having a good time everyday. He won’t forget your birthday, not only yours he won’t forget any girl’s birthday.
  2.  The sweet talker/Charmer- This guy is similar to the womanizer except that he means no harm. He sends you texts every morning which says words similar to ‘Good morning Princess’ ‘Good morning the angle from heaven’ ‘I want to be the first one wishing the prettiest girl in the world a very beautiful morning.’ He is just born with the defect of sweet talking. Some guys are not  sweet-talkers naturally but train themselves to be one, they are the most annoying creatures.
  3. The shy guy- He is that one guy in your class who doesn’t talk to you in the class but you will find him stealing glances at you every-now and then. He likes you but is too shy to tell you. This guy will message you in the night and make you believe that you’re best of friends but when you see each other in person in public, he will not talk. He just won’t. He keeps you wondering what the hell is happening? Oh, he won’t wish you on your birthday even if he remembers it. Again you wonder,what’s wrong with this guy?
  4.  The intriguing guy- This is that one guy who always carries and enigma around him. He seems to have a lot of hidden secrets. He has a very few friends. Your conversation with this one is only on professional terms. He is aloof and distant. He just doesn’t care what others in this world are doing, he does his work in his own pace, according to his will. You can never ever convince this guy to see your point.You either love him or hate him, but you won’t ever forget him. Does he wish you on your birthday? Well, what birthday?
  5. The cheapo – He is a douche bag. From when? From forever. This is the most horrible kind of guy, the one who commits rapes and sexual, emotional abuses. He has no respect what-so-ever towards women. He is the one who comments when you walk on the roads, he is the one who touches your ass in crowded public buses. This is the guy whom you want to murder or want to issue a shoot at sight order. He might be intelligent but is the most disgusting creature on earth.He has no culture what-so-ever. If he wishes you on your birthday, that makes you want to commit suicide. He should be behind bars, not to roam open in the society.
  6.  The popular guy-  ‘Cool’ is his middle name. Everything he does is cool. He might not be the best-looking guy around but his popularity is way past that of the best looking guy. He is funny, cute, romantic, charming and smart.He can make anyone laugh. Everyone enjoys his company, regardless of age,gender and race. Yes, he is an animal lover. Every girl loves being around him because he knows how to hold their attention.Some even believe that he is their best-friend and often are in disbelief to know he doesn’t consider them one. Well, this guy has way too many friends. In-spite of the fact that he ignores/ neglects your presence at times, you will still like him. He is like a mini-celebrity in the small world around him. He will always remain that cool in-spite of  belittling you every time.
  7.  The talented guy- He is easily the most talented guy you have ever come across. His knowledge and his depth always keeps you in wonder. He is a geek, he is the one you will go to if you have any problem in the area of his expertise, and he solves your most complicated problems in a fraction of few seconds. You will be smitten by his infinite intelligence forever.He is the one who can make you so insecure about your career and about how vain your life is. But this guy can also have zero social skills, more like Einstein. And about your birthday, you have written him off.So if he wishes you on your birthday, act surprised.
  8.  The sensitive guy-  This is the most sensitive guy you will come across. You always wished your boy-friend was sensitive, but you know you didn’t mean this sensitive. He is a drama-queen. He cries in every movie you watch, even when none of the girls cry. He is fun to hang out with and surprisingly he even has quite a few friends at all times. This guy will have issues with you today and tomorrow he will behave as-if nothing was wrong at all. He is sensitive to almost everything; So spicy, so hot, so cold, so normal, so scary, so exciting… you get the flow. In-spite of all this he will be there at a few times you need him.Birthday? Of-course he will wish you on your birthday.Sensitive remember?
  9.  The fighter – This guy comes from a very bad past. He has braved each one of his problems and is still the same. He is the guy you respect.He is a hard-worker. His dedication towards his work is commendable. This dedication can be the reason he will be called workaholic in the future. Since he is self-made, he has huge self-respect.Sometimes he confuses his ego with his self-respect and loses many opportunities. He will be your very good friend and is always affectionate and caring.This guy will go places and you know it.
  10. The cunningly smart guy/ The entrepreneur material- This guy is an excellent manager. Give him any situation and he manages it excellently. He can juggle a crisis situation and the most happening one with ease at the same time. He is very social. Every person who passes on the street is his friend. You always wonder on how he remembers all their names and also their every minute details. He might come across as a short-tempered person but soon you will realize that is just one of the masks he puts on to manage people. You can never completely rely on this guy to get your work done, because being a business man at heart he will always do a ‘SWOT’ analysis before he helps.He won’t pick up a fight for you or even with you.Never ever. He always says he will take care of it, but will take care of it only if there is anything in it for him. Nevertheless you cannot ignore him. He is too busy to remember anything else.

The Gentleman– This is a real man, who might come out of any of the nine guys mentioned above. No, my count isn’t wrong , the cheapo can never be the gentleman.This is the man you will call if you need any help at any hour of the day. He will be there for you in a jiffy. Even if you are hard-core feminist at heart this man will protect you and care for you, without your knowledge. He makes sure you are comfortable in every new place and keeps those cheapo-guys at bay. All this without making anything obvious. You can be sure he will pick up a fight with even the toughest men to keep you safe. He might not say sweet nothings to you, but his actions speak louder than words.

He is a keeper.Who is this gentleman out of the above said nine guys? Well, it varies from person to person. When you are in danger and you know which is the guy you’re going to call, let me tell you , that guy is your gentleman. If he doesn’t wish you on your birthday it will surely break your heart.This guy won’t stop you from doing anything you love, maybe even dress like a ‘slut’ or act like a maniac in the middle of the night, rant and crib about everything wrong with you, still he will just be by your side supporting you like always.He is the most intriguing guy you will ever come across and will always keep your interest hooked. He is the guy you want to marry, that is if he is not your brother.Why? Isn’t it a well known fact that No guy can ever match up to a gentleman?


Just Another Day.

Have you had days when you wake up to the unwelcome realities of life? The instances that are usually hidden in the mundane routine of everyday life but occasionally when it surfaces it destroys you and leaves you broken. It may just last a day or a few hours but it feels horrible in general. All those sensitive nerves, fears and those issues you would never open up to anyone are suddenly injured and you don’t seem to be able to find your way out. That was just my day today, but again it was just one horrible day in a series of beautiful ones. So, I’m trying hard to let myself know that it is just another day.

It is during these days, you’re just thankful for that one person who would just listen and tell you to calm down. Thank you, bestie! ❤