Fav text-message from a stranger.

One night during my Eleventh standard I was being the usual grumpy teenager and acting all depressed in life. I was having a long day, hectic schedule and a ton load of assignments and  studies were waiting to be completed for the next day. That’s when I received this message on my broken Nokia phone (whose keypad was wearing out and I had tied a red rubber band around the phone to hold it together) that put a smile on my face. This was from an unknown number, I had texted back to find out who it was, but I did not get any reply. As fate has it I have not found out till date who the sender of this beautiful four lines poem( which remains my favourite text message from a stranger) was. These four lines have remained with me for a long time, today when I was going through my old  journal entries I found these lines in the corner of a page and I was reminded of that text message.

पलके जो हमने भिगोए ही नहीं,
वोह सोचतें हैं कि हम रोए ही नहीं;
वोह पूछतें हैं ‘किसे देखते हो ख़ाबों में ?’
हम हैं कि एक अर्ज़े से सोए ही नहीं | 


P.S – If you are that stranger who sent me those lines,

If you did really know me in person,

And if you were/are not a creepy psycho,

Thank you 🙂


Things are meant to change in life. I know.

From school, to college.

From college to career.

From home to strange places.

From fights to family.

From one crush to another.

From sandwich to subway.

From friends to colleagues.

But there are somethings that should stay the same. These are:-

peace of mind, love and  sleep.

Aaaaargh! I haven’t slept properly in a week first because of my exams, then packing, now project viva and I’m dead tired. Lying on my bed in a messy room, my head splitting into a million pieces due to head ache and all my friends texting at that exact moment when I almost doze off and I’m not able to sleep. No clue what to do. So frustrating. :/ 😥 😦

I want to sneak in some sleep time 😦