Month: January 2014

Pyaari and the thin girl.


Amma has put me in leash so I know,someone is coming home today. I don’t understand why they do this, have I ever misbehaved?

There she is, a thin girl. Mithu chechi(sister) hugs that girl, how dare she touch my Mithu chechi. I’m chained but I have my voice. “Bow wow...” They turn towards me, Amma says something about me being jealous and everyone laugh.whatever!

I remember this girl from her last visit, she was scared of me initially, but eventually we got along well. I even got to lick her, jump on her and keep her hands inside my mouth. She walks towards me. I am now  excited. I tell her “Hi, chechi. Let me jump on you and say hi. Woof… But no luck.

It is morning already. They unleashed me last night itself but that chechi hasn’t said hi, yet. But as I told you I am a good girl ,so I take the initiative, seeing her asleep on Mithu chechi’s bed I go to her, lick every inch of her face. She wakes up looking startled, screams, waking everyone. She didn’t say hi, again.Alas!

Later she walks up to me keeping a brave face, says “Hello, pyaari. You scared me this morning.”She  pats me on my back. I respond with equal zeal by jumping on her and licking her hands. She seems more relaxed and even lets me mouth her hand. I just realized that her hand is exactly the size of my favourite bone piece. I have to fight the urge to bite it. Amma laughs seeing this and tells her “Put on some weight by next time you are here, lest Pyaari will surely mistake it for a bone piece.

I agree “Woof woof…”


Why Hindi serials need to grow up.


I watch How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Boston Legal etc and I just can’t help but wonder why we do not have such awesome series in India. Our own Desi Version of these super cool series.

It is so annoying to see mothers hooked to Saath Nibhana Saathiya which has absolutely no plot and have the most depressing characters.The super stupid and naive Gopi, with her intelligent control-freak mother-in law. The Adarsh bahu and her Saas( Mother in law).

Then there is Simar and Roli crying in every episode. Not to forget the lovers Saraswati chandra and Kumud Sundari  who romance and plan to get married but never do because the  vamps never let them get married.Dedicated to their families happiness and none of their own.We also have hopeess romantic girls who think their only aim in life is to keep their husbands happy like Ichcha , Lajo , Pankhudi. This portrayal of girls is  completely different from their real life characters of strong-independent woman who knows her mind.

The only tele-serials which I find stand out on their own is Diya Aur Baati and Balika Vadhu at least in these two serials the script writers show women who have aspirations outside their duties as a wife and a daughter in law. These two women have career aspirations as Sandhya is a soon to be IPS officer and Anandi is a social activist and have carved an identity for themselves outside their husband’s name.

Why don’t we have meaningful ones where women don’t dress at home like they were at a wedding.Which woman of this age wears long anarkalis and net sarees while cooking at home?

Now one more query, how many joint families are present in today’s society? Why does every serial contain joint families and palatial houses? If not palatial houses they show chawls, haven’t our script writers lived else where?

Why does every serial have a village girl married to a guy from a city and she makes him realize how amazing it is to be traditional? Can’t the directors dare to show story of modern youth who live their lives on their own terms, the youth who work hard and party hard, get drunk ,get sloshed not when they are drugged without their knowledge as shown in serial. Why don’t directors want to portray real struggles of people not the silly fights in the household on how the bahu didn’t make the food right. Why do the directors have an aversion towards anything modern, a modern girl in a short dress is always the villain and if by any chance is the heroine then she will surely get converted into saree wearing tea making adarsh bahu.

Don’t the directors realize this even after being around women who work for 16 hours everyday to finish their shoot and then go home not sit at home and be the abla naari that they show women as.

Actually I find the villains have a better portrayal than the hero and heroine . They are the people who get what they want at any cost, who don’t believe in ap-shagun and superstition, they don’t cry over petty issues, they are strong, bold and beautiful unlike the heroines.

I can’t even find a reason why there is a hero in a serial, because later on the story is going to revolve around the heroine saving the family from all the wicked gold-digging vamp.There is no proper story written for the serial hero. Like the heroine is just an arm candy in hindi cinema , in hindi serial  hero is the arm candy.

One good thing about hindi serials is that even though you don’t watch them on regular basis and if you watch them even after a year you wouldn’t have missed anything because the plot remains the same as ever.Atmost only thing that would have changed would be that the hero or heroine would have got a plastic surgery after falling off from a cliff.The heroine who died in the accident would have come back or the twin/ identical hero or heroine faced villain would be troubling hero or heroine.Heroine will be in a dilemma on whether or not to sign the divorce papers or the property to save her family succumbing to the blackmail by the vamp.

Why can’t we have sit-coms in hindi rather than boring spineless gopi bahus? Why can’t we have cute amazing dads like castle who are still so desirable? Why can’t we have some Sheldon coopers in our hindi serials and few Beckket’s who live life on their own terms and maybe a few Alan Shores, with the mildest dose of tradition without plastic surgeries, reincarnation and time leaps. Hindi serials need to come up with strong story lines and scripts to keep up with the modern times. Enough with the heroines with kadai in their hands and tears in their eye

Seriously grow up hindi serials we deserve and expect a lot better from you 🙂


WOW badge!

WOW badge!

He sat there with news-paper in his hand ,adjusting his spectacles when Rahul enquired about, how much Virat Koli scored in the previous day’s cricket match.

”Rahul, Grandpa isn’t wearing his hearing-aid,speak louder!”, mother told Rahul ,as she knew her father-in law hadn’t heard Rahul’s question.

”I’ve made some of your favorite ‘bajjis’,will you have some now?” Grandma asked Grandpa in her characteristic soft loving voice.

”Of course I will! India won yesterday’s match ‘Sulu’,we need to celebrate!” He said immediately responding to his better-half’s question.

Mother smiled, whispering into Rahul’s ears ”When you turn 75,and if you don’t need hearing aid to listen to your sweetheart’s voice, then you know you are in LOVE for sure!”