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There are a few, unquantifiable moments in each of our lives… and before you know it, you’re asking your parents for permission to take ‘One Last Trip’ with your friends. Yes. College. A seemingly long drawn-out moment in life. Four years ago, if I were introduced to my current self, I would have scoffed at the possibility of being who I am today. Yeah, must have been one big moment.

You go into the ride, excited to ‘grow up’. You come out exhausted and with a ton of memories of the whirlwind ride. College opens up the bridge – that between the comforts of our adolescence and the big, bad world. The world we are thrust into, albeit in our 20s, is still too hot to handle. From not bothering how daddy paid my schools and toy fees, to wondering what exactly I’m going to do with my life, I have certainly grown. So much time has elapsed between the day I first walked around campus, wondering how I of all people would fit in, I of all people would study. Today I wonder how I ever will leave this place.

To every fight, every argument, every lunch break and every swear word.- It’s been a circumambulation – one way leading us all back to where we came from. In this roller coaster, I’ve met people who care for me from afar, who loathe me from the seat ahead, and those who never held anything back…

Endless miles of traffic, endless fights, endless disappointment and pain later, I am going to push forward with something to show for. An almost ubiquitous pang of dread is starting to form a bubble around us all. Where do we go from here? Is my life over or is it just about to take flight?

Future will always remain uncertain. It might change us into mature hardened individuals or happier childish souls. It may be better or worse than our days in college. Future might just be very boring and very tiring or it might be exciting with fresh challenges. But we do not know anything about our future now, nor can we ever perfectly predict how it is going to turn out.

All this time, all these people have left me with a whisker of knowledge – that being a grown up isn’t any big whoop. Enjoy each day as it comes, live it as you’d want. Because if four years can be fleeting, and frozen into a moment, life will pass us by.  All we have with us is today, this moment. We never know what to expect out of an uncertain tomorrow.So do everything you love right now don’t wait for tomorrow, Sharukh Khan is right when he says ‘ Kal Ho Na Ho.’

Kal Ho Na Ho.

Lights out-The Man in the Darkness.

WOW badge! I got selected in wow again :D

WOW badge! I got selected in wow again 😀

I finish filing my work and Am ready to leave for home. As soon as I reach the lift, the lights in the building go off…

Shit! I always end up in awkward situations like this every-time. Ronit asked me just fifteen minutes before if I wanted a drop back home and what did I say? I said no. At-least if I had gone with him I could have avoided this situation. I’m stuck alone in the office lobby, in the nineteenth floor of the building with no light and no lift.Being fiercely independent has its side-effects too, just look at me for example I’m living in an unknown city all alone in a flat ten kilometers away from my office,  I’m stuck here but no one knows about it. Even if I died here tonight, no one will know till tomorrow morning.What is wrong with me? I must stop thinking of horrible things that can happen to me.

Now no use wasting my time regretting anything or over-thinking, I have to take the stairs. I cannot see anything. Let me at-least turn on my phone-torch. Good! It’s working. Where is the security guard?

‘RamLal, RamLal bhaiya aap kaha ho?’ I shout looking down from the stairs.

‘Meeta behen I’m in the ground floor.Come down carefully,there is some shattered glass on the stairs.’ RamLal’s feeble voice reaches me from the ground floor.

‘Okay. Wait up till I reach there.’ I scream at my loudest voice, making sure he can hear what I say.

I hold my torch-light high up and walk downstairs swiftly. By the time I reach fifth floor from the nineteenth floor I’m panting heavily, also sweating profusely. God! I have to go down another four floors! I sit down on the steps for two-minutes, in the dark,panting… I search for the water bottle in my bag. I suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder.I’m stunned. I instantly turn the torch towards the person behind, the torch turns off… Low battery… I’m hyperventilating now.I’m scared.

‘Who who is there?’ I shout at my loudest voice.

‘You will never know darling…I love you from a very long time… A very long time… From the time you were a student at Brigade high School. You are gorgeous…’ He said. This sent a shiver down my spine… I didn’t know how to react. I clenched the pepper-spray in my bag, ready to attack the man in the darkness.

‘Behen are you okay?Where are you? What is taking you so long?’ RamLal bhaiya shouted from the ground floor.

‘Bhaiya… Some one is here… help me…’ I screamed with tears running down my cheeks unconsciously.

‘Don’t worry I won’t harm you. I’ll not even try to contact you after this. I just needed to tell you how I felt… That’s why I was always around you. I came for you from Bangalore to Mumbai.’ He said.I could feel his breath on my shoulders. I loathed myself for letting someone harass me and not doing anything.

‘I’m coming to you behen. Just don’t panic..’ Security Bhaiya said. I could hear him running up the stairs with full speed.

‘Bhaiya… Hurry up…’ I shouted as I tried to free myself from the Man in the Darkness. He held my hands from behind.I kicked him with my legs, but he seemed too huge to feel anything. Suddenly I could feel his mustache on my face, he kissed me on my cheek, and kept some plastic bag in my hands… Making me hold it…I shouted for help and kicked him harder.trying to free myself from his hold.

‘Bye Sweety. I’m going now, I’ll meet you next after fifteen years.’ that Man said in a creepy voice and I found my hands free suddenly. By then Bhaiya was up with a bright torch and we saw this man disappear into darkness, Bhaiya tried to catch him but he ran away.

‘Behen, Are you okay?’ RamLal bhaiya asked me. I nodded trying to catch my breath. I felt so disgusted for being touched by some unknown stalker. We walked down, bhaiya handed me a bottle of water. I finished the whole bottle. The security Bhaiya called Ronit and told him about what happened. I was blank about whatever happened to me just now. Ronit was almost half-way home, but he came back. I sat in the car. I sat in his car, Ronit pointed out the marks on my fist, that man’s finger marks. I felt so weak at that minute. I loathed myself for being so helpless at that moment. What would I have done if RamLal bhaiya wasn’t around at that time? I was molested in a span of few minutes.I did not even know who he was. All I knew was that he was a psycho stalker who followed me right from my school days. I did not recognize his voice, I did not know him at all. I went through the contents of the cover he handed me. It contained some love-letters written in blood, it freaked me out. I showed them to Ronit he was stunned too.The cover also had my photographs from very private occasions of my life.The occasions I shared only with my dear ones. I looked outside the window as we rode across marine drive. I cannot believe I left myself to be harrassed by some stalker and did nothing.I felt so disgusted at myself.

I looked at the letters once more… I did no recognize the hand writing… Who was this man? I closed my eyes trying to cool myself and trying to erase the nightmare I just had. Ronit looked at me with concern , he said ‘Sorry, I shouldn’t have left…’

We soon reached in front of my apartment. I was about to get down from the car, when a face from my past flashed across my eyes. I knew that that was the face of the Man in the darkness.

Ronit asked ‘Hey, what happened?’

‘Turn around. We’re going to police station.’ I said browsing through those letters to confirm my gut-feeling.

‘But we do not know who he was, what will you tell them?’ Rohit asked turning around.

‘ I know who he was. The Man in the Darkness… I can’t believe it took me so long to recognize him…’ I said with conviction.

‘How do you know?You haven’t even seen his face.’ Ronit asked as we rode towards police station.

‘Every girl knows who that Man in the Darkness is by her instinct… It just takes extreme situations to make her realize his true face…’ I said trying hard to hide my tears from him. He looked at me and wiped them away. His touch was the only comfort I needed that minute, the rest I knew how to take care of…


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Pyaari and the thin girl.


Amma has put me in leash so I know,someone is coming home today. I don’t understand why they do this, have I ever misbehaved?

There she is, a thin girl. Mithu chechi(sister) hugs that girl, how dare she touch my Mithu chechi. I’m chained but I have my voice. “Bow wow...” They turn towards me, Amma says something about me being jealous and everyone laugh.whatever!

I remember this girl from her last visit, she was scared of me initially, but eventually we got along well. I even got to lick her, jump on her and keep her hands inside my mouth. She walks towards me. I am now  excited. I tell her “Hi, chechi. Let me jump on you and say hi. Woof… But no luck.

It is morning already. They unleashed me last night itself but that chechi hasn’t said hi, yet. But as I told you I am a good girl ,so I take the initiative, seeing her asleep on Mithu chechi’s bed I go to her, lick every inch of her face. She wakes up looking startled, screams, waking everyone. She didn’t say hi, again.Alas!

Later she walks up to me keeping a brave face, says “Hello, pyaari. You scared me this morning.”She  pats me on my back. I respond with equal zeal by jumping on her and licking her hands. She seems more relaxed and even lets me mouth her hand. I just realized that her hand is exactly the size of my favourite bone piece. I have to fight the urge to bite it. Amma laughs seeing this and tells her “Put on some weight by next time you are here, lest Pyaari will surely mistake it for a bone piece.

I agree “Woof woof…”