Fav text-message from a stranger.

One night during my Eleventh standard I was being the usual grumpy teenager and acting all depressed in life. I was having a long day, hectic schedule and a ton load of assignments and  studies were waiting to be completed for the next day. That’s when I received this message on my broken Nokia phone (whose keypad was wearing out and I had tied a red rubber band around the phone to hold it together) that put a smile on my face. This was from an unknown number, I had texted back to find out who it was, but I did not get any reply. As fate has it I have not found out till date who the sender of this beautiful four lines poem( which remains my favourite text message from a stranger) was. These four lines have remained with me for a long time, today when I was going through my old  journal entries I found these lines in the corner of a page and I was reminded of that text message.

पलके जो हमने भिगोए ही नहीं,
वोह सोचतें हैं कि हम रोए ही नहीं;
वोह पूछतें हैं ‘किसे देखते हो ख़ाबों में ?’
हम हैं कि एक अर्ज़े से सोए ही नहीं | 


P.S – If you are that stranger who sent me those lines,

If you did really know me in person,

And if you were/are not a creepy psycho,

Thank you 🙂

Companion and I

Side by side we sat,

My companion and I.

No words were ever spoken,

No thoughts were exchanged,

No truths were being told;

No lies crept in between.

No masks were worn today,

Nor any faces were revealed,

Side by side we sat;

My companion and I.

Completely in sync,

Though lost else where,

Looking out into the same green;

Two contrasting worlds we saw.

Two pairs of eyes,

Two pairs of ears!

Monotony of the nature;

Calm sights,blissful sounds.

One foot distance separates us,

Did that result in this change?

Created alike, yet worlds apart;

Careful yet so carefree!

Selfless love and contentment,

One so full l,the other so null;

Side by side we sat,

My companion and I.

 An occasional touch or a smile,

An assurance, I’m by your side;

That’s all we need,

My companion and I.


All the things you do for me.

All the little things you do for me,

Makes me smile in my darkest night,

You hold me tight when I’m about to fall,

You cheer me up when tears don’t stop,

Hold my hands when I have no faith,

Say it’s not the end when I fail,

You hug me tight and kiss my cheek,

My success makes your eyes shine,

Pride in your eyes is the best ever I’ve got,

When I want to give up you make me fight,

When things are bad you make them right,

I pride in myself when I say I’m self made,

But the fact is that you’ve always had my back,

You shout at me when I’m so vain,

Yet you’re the first one to know I’m in pain,

Heart ache or brain freeze you are my medicine,

I love you so much I realize as I miss you,

I don’t know how I manage to let you down,

I’m so sorry I’m shouting out loud,

My vocabulary is not so profound,

Nor are my promises very well kept,

You might not believe but,

I’ll make an attempt to fix things right,

All the things that you do for me,

For all the time you’ve let me free-fall.

I want to do a little thing for you now,

I want to make you smile again,

I want your eyes to shine with pride again.

But for once I want to do this for you,

I’ll do anything to make your eyes shine.