Month: February 2014


WOW badge! I got selected in wow again :D

WOW badge! I got selected in wow again 😀

‘First Aid Box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle Case. Check.’

Rani cross checked her check list for the nth time as she was leaving.Drops of sweat came down her forehead as she locked her house door. She wiped them on her blouse, hurriedly and got into the car that was waiting for her near the gate.

‘ Madam, Shall we leave?’ He asked her looking at her through the rear view mirror. She nodded, looking away through the car window. Rani lowered the window to allow the cool wind brush across her face drying her sweat. Tiny strands of her hair played to the rhythm of the breeze, annoying her immensely. Rani was extremely tensed about what the day had in store for her.

‘What was I thinking when I agreed to do this?’ she cursed herself for being so impulsive and easily challenged. On a second thought she asked herself ‘What is life without the impossible and risky challenges?’ .That’s when her phone ringed.

‘Where are you? We are waiting for you over here. You didn’t chicken out, did you?’ the voice in the other end of the line echoed.

‘No, Rani never chickens out. I’ll do this and you will see.’ Rani said with conviction in her voice but in the inside she was scared. Very scared. That’s when she remembered Akshay Kumar in ‘Thumbs up’ advertisement saying ‘Dar Ke Age Jeeth hai!’ . She smiled momentarily, there is victory after you’ve surpassed your fear she reminded herself.

After an hour’s travel through the rough terrain, she reached her destination; for now. She got down from the car, her Saree pleats were still intact.That’s Good,she thought.Her friends greeted her as she got ready to embark her adventure, all alone.

‘Okay, so all set?Are you sure you will do this?’ Rekha asked her. Rekha knew, that once Rani took any challenge she will not look back until it is done. Rani smiled at her, took her backpack and started her challenge. She started going into the dense, steep mountain to reach the peak that was twenty kilometers away, alone. No woman has ever tried what Rani was now attempting. Some even believed that this mountain was haunted.

Nakul looked at Rani disappear into the mountain, hoping he loses the bet and Rani reaches the mountain top, safe and sound.

‘One hell of a girl she is. Which girl agrees to go trekking on a haunted mountain alone, in a saree ,on feet ,wearing three inch heels?’ he said as Rani disappeared into the woods. Rekha looked on with tears in her eyes, with her heart beating at a pace that she felt it would burst off any minute praying for the safe return of her best-friend, the dare-devil.

Rani moved quickly, into the dense forest.She was now soaked in sweat and had hurt her hand already. Her elbow was bruised with marks of the thorny plants, sun was setting, she knew she had to rest for the day. That’s when she heard noises from the bushes behind her. Her heart stopped there, she was extremely frightened to turn back and see. She clenched  the sharp knife she had brought along, and turned to face her unknown opponent.


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All the things you do for me.

All the little things you do for me,

Makes me smile in my darkest night,

You hold me tight when I’m about to fall,

You cheer me up when tears don’t stop,

Hold my hands when I have no faith,

Say it’s not the end when I fail,

You hug me tight and kiss my cheek,

My success makes your eyes shine,

Pride in your eyes is the best ever I’ve got,

When I want to give up you make me fight,

When things are bad you make them right,

I pride in myself when I say I’m self made,

But the fact is that you’ve always had my back,

You shout at me when I’m so vain,

Yet you’re the first one to know I’m in pain,

Heart ache or brain freeze you are my medicine,

I love you so much I realize as I miss you,

I don’t know how I manage to let you down,

I’m so sorry I’m shouting out loud,

My vocabulary is not so profound,

Nor are my promises very well kept,

You might not believe but,

I’ll make an attempt to fix things right,

All the things that you do for me,

For all the time you’ve let me free-fall.

I want to do a little thing for you now,

I want to make you smile again,

I want your eyes to shine with pride again.

But for once I want to do this for you,

I’ll do anything to make your eyes shine.