There are a few, unquantifiable moments in each of our lives… and before you know it, you’re asking your parents for permission to take ‘One Last Trip’ with your friends. Yes. College. A seemingly long drawn-out moment in life. Four years ago, if I were introduced to my current self, I would have scoffed at the possibility of being who I am today. Yeah, must have been one big moment.

You go into the ride, excited to ‘grow up’. You come out exhausted and with a ton of memories of the whirlwind ride. College opens up the bridge – that between the comforts of our adolescence and the big, bad world. The world we are thrust into, albeit in our 20s, is still too hot to handle. From not bothering how daddy paid my schools and toy fees, to wondering what exactly I’m going to do with my life, I have certainly grown. So much time has elapsed between the day I first walked around campus, wondering how I of all people would fit in, I of all people would study. Today I wonder how I ever will leave this place.

To every fight, every argument, every lunch break and every swear word.- It’s been a circumambulation – one way leading us all back to where we came from. In this roller coaster, I’ve met people who care for me from afar, who loathe me from the seat ahead, and those who never held anything back…

Endless miles of traffic, endless fights, endless disappointment and pain later, I am going to push forward with something to show for. An almost ubiquitous pang of dread is starting to form a bubble around us all. Where do we go from here? Is my life over or is it just about to take flight?

Future will always remain uncertain. It might change us into mature hardened individuals or happier childish souls. It may be better or worse than our days in college. Future might just be very boring and very tiring or it might be exciting with fresh challenges. But we do not know anything about our future now, nor can we ever perfectly predict how it is going to turn out.

All this time, all these people have left me with a whisker of knowledge – that being a grown up isn’t any big whoop. Enjoy each day as it comes, live it as you’d want. Because if four years can be fleeting, and frozen into a moment, life will pass us by.  All we have with us is today, this moment. We never know what to expect out of an uncertain tomorrow.So do everything you love right now don’t wait for tomorrow, Sharukh Khan is right when he says ‘ Kal Ho Na Ho.’

Kal Ho Na Ho.