Month: March 2020

Musical Nights

Hi All,

It has been sometime, how have you been? A lot has changed since we last spoke. I changed jobs. Relationships changed with family and friends.  And then finally, I’ve found a job that I love (can you believe I’ve been on this one for over a year, despite a bad hike?).

Fast track to today, we’re all caged in our own houses for our own good (P.S – Do you also notice how free birds and animals are because we are caged in? Maybe we are the virus?). All this because one tiny micro-organism (and we thought we’re the best!) is on a homo-sapien killing spree.

But, in these testing and frustrating times, I’m here to talk of weirdly tiny romantic stuff that keeps us afloat everyday (Anyone could use a dose of positivity now right? 🙂 )A small story of an ounce of magic that adds beauty to my dull nights here. Here goes…

I’m 26 years old, and from a decade ago, while my sister and I were still in school, on a few blissful nights we would hear a soothing baritone singing old hindi songs of Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi, from the building opposite to our typically middle-class home. We were always fascinated by the voice that was just as soothing and magical in boring nights.

I remember, even if one of us was asleep the other would nudge the other awake, if we heard the stranger’s voice crooning.  Followed by series of fascinated teenage giggles and desperate peeking out of the window to catch a glimpse of the face of the owner of the melodious voice. We always wanted to find out who the owner of this voice was, the singer who brought in hope and smile through our teenage years and as we progressed into becoming young women. Even if we wanted to find out, our strained relationship with the building owner (who brought only nuisance and dirty drains into our lives and lane) held us back from socialising with any of the 20 tenants in the horrendous opposite building.

But as we went through different phases in life, and while I moved cities and homes for education and job, his voice faded away from our memories.

Now, as all of us are confined to our houses; forced to be working from our homes, cooking, making tiktok videos, arguing with the house-mates (in my case parents), browsing through our old stuff, finding old diaries and burning pages that were full of pain we wish we’d never had, having extended photoshoots inside the house in different poses and angles, smiling at cute letters & greeting cards that our old friends and flames gave us and rekindling our old hobbies, some voices from the past also reach out to us.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-24 at 19.47.53

As I finish arguing with friends about about their lack of enthusiasm to dance on songs over video calls and cut the call, a familiar baritone from my window teases my ear, makes me smile. ‘Meri Sapno Ki Rani Kab…’ the carefree singer continues, unaware of a secret admirer nearby. I am further delighted when this jamming session is now accompanied by a guitar. Maybe, just maybe the familiar voice of an unknown stranger, on a silent night when PM announced the beginning of 21 day lockdown starting midnight to curtail the pandemic in the country of 1.3 billion dreams, that made

There is something extremely powerful about art & music that heals souls and gives new lives. For me though made me write after over a year.

Thank you wonderful stranger for the magic through your music. Thank you medical professionals & other professionals who work even now so that we can stay home & stay safe!

Stay Strong Everyone! Smile & Spread Some Cheer! Good Vibes Only ❤


A Grateful Stranger