Month: August 2018

Break and Back.

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So, you know the story so far. Quit job, took a break and now I am almost getting back to work in a week. I really like the job profile but I do have a few concerns regarding the other aspects. I hope I get to learn and also be the best at the job. It is something that I am looking at with a long term perspective. I am hoping that the compromises I am making would be worth it at the end of the day.

The time during my break has been brilliant. I absolutely enjoyed the time I got, be it travel or socialising. But, there was just not enough ‘me’ time. I enjoy spending time alone, a lot. I love taking myself out to the movies and eating out. This time I did not get to do much of that. I am not complaining though, because be it spending time with family or travelling with friends, I was grateful to have such loving human beings in my life. I agree there were days when I was absolutely done with people and also done advising them on how to solve their life problems when I hadn’t ever experienced any of those in my life. But I was always glad to have them in my life. It is funny how my life had a few significant events in the months that I was absolutely jobless. I didn’t get anywhere around chasing my creative pursuits but I did learn to cherish some people who were cheering and supporting me in their own little ways, which overwhelmed me in many ways than one.

I am now looking forward to crazy challenges and fun that is in store for me at the new place, and even more to the inspiring leaders, mentors and individuals I would meet in this new adventure. I think I chose this place because they spoke words that were very different from the other organizations that I interviewed at, where they would say ‘the everyday work could get boring and monotonous’ , but here I heard them say ‘there is never a dull day, every day we can be certain to learn something new’. I really wish this would be one of the choices that I would look back and be glad that I made this choice instead of choosing the more attractive option.

How do I end this one? Cheers to the future!

P.S – I forgot to mention, I made wine at home for the very first time during the break. And, I must say it is a strong one! 🙂