WOW badge!

WOW badge!

He sat there with news-paper in his hand ,adjusting his spectacles when Rahul enquired about, how much Virat Koli scored in the previous day’s cricket match.

”Rahul, Grandpa isn’t wearing his hearing-aid,speak louder!”, mother told Rahul ,as she knew her father-in law hadn’t heard Rahul’s question.

”I’ve made some of your favorite ‘bajjis’,will you have some now?” Grandma asked Grandpa in her characteristic soft loving voice.

”Of course I will! India won yesterday’s match ‘Sulu’,we need to celebrate!” He said immediately responding to his better-half’s question.

Mother smiled, whispering into Rahul’s ears ”When you turn 75,and if you don’t need hearing aid to listen to your sweetheart’s voice, then you know you are in LOVE for sure!” 




  1. amazing!!! love is something which is difficult to understand !! you have it made it easy.. keep it up Dhanya . I’m so proud of you.

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