One day to go.

I haven’t started my report yet. I just cannot get myself to type out the first word even when it is the report of the most exciting phase of my recent past. I do not know how do I get to start my first word on the report. Maybe, maybe it is because once the report is done I’ll know for sure it is all over. Maybe, I do not want to move forward from the space I am in right now. I do not want to take the flight tomorrow. Same time next year I might have a clear decision on where I will be for the next two or three years.For now, I’m a confused soul who is stuck between what I should be doing and what the heart wants. More than that I’m a kid who has not completed the homework and hates the thought that there is school tomorrow. Adios.




Just Cannot fall asleep

3 am and I am not able find any trace of Mr Sleep! I try to pass time switching on the TV while I eagerly wait to meet Mr Sleep on my bed. Hindi TV soaps which have exact same plot as soaps 5 years ago are re-running the episodes at this unearthly hour! ‘So I’m your second choice!’ Mr TV taunts me, looking at my plight, I’m in no mood to take any insults right now. He can show his bloody old attitude elsewhere, I don’t need him. I turn to my best friend to understand me, while I endlessly await Mr Sleep. My best friend offers me variety of stalking and gossip  options, Facebook-Insta-Snapchat. I am thankful for these options but today I lose interest in these options way too soon. My best friend too seems to be a little too exhausted and passes out, where is that charger? Now that my best friend also passed out, I’m left with no other option than to hope Mr Sleep is kind enough and visits me soon else I will be forced to revisit my life starting from my childhood and critisize every choice I made,  maybe wonder a little about the universe, feel jealous of people who would have found their Mr Sleep right now and are gloriously snoring away and think about all the wonderful things I can do waking up early in the morning tomorrow. Maybe I’ll drink a warm cup of coffee looking at the sunrise and go for a jog around the lake. Where’s Mr Sleep? I hope he doesn’t surprise me like usual and leave me with no time to complete my future planning… Yeah so I’ll have breakfast after that, go visit my friend later… I am also going to have a…

The pleasure you get to see the tree you planted flowering for the first time, surpasses any other pleasure. This I know is true as I see the elated face of my neighbor Valli aunty’s face, as she spotted the first flowers on her Konna Maram  🙂

Happy tree first flowering day to her   🙂  Image