The wrong turn?


Chasing the stars when all you ever dreamt of was the sun.

Stars are glittery, everyone around you is busy chasing them. Stars are glamorous, stars are shiny and soothing, stars make you so happy that you even forget you ever even dreamt of the sun. Stars give you a mesmerising reason to chase them, from where you stand the sun seems so distant, so blurry and so vague. You are changing  yourself in the star chase to get better at the race. You are challenging and pushing yourself to dangerous heights that you would otherwise never have embarked on. So while losing  old identity, you forming a new one which might have no traces of old scent left on it soon. Convinced that you are happy, you are continuing to chase the stars.

Sure it was destiny that pushed you to chase the stars. While you were pushed into this road, you had made a promise to yourself that the sun is your final destination no matter what. But now that this race makes you incredibly satisfied and happy, you tend to tell yourself “Maybe this is what I actually wanted! Maybe I’m not meant to reach out to the sun”.

Maybe once you get to the star you will be surprised and glad about all the choices you made, or it could also happen that in your death bed, after winning the race, all you would wish for is for another chance to chase the sun.

The funny thing about this situation is that you will never know if you were right in chasing the stars or you regret in not being a sun chaser till you reach the end.

To reach the end is, to see tomorrow. Tomorrow is the hope and dream of every today, but the actual face of tomorrow is always hidden from the eyes of today.









Things are meant to change in life. I know.

From school, to college.

From college to career.

From home to strange places.

From fights to family.

From one crush to another.

From sandwich to subway.

From friends to colleagues.

But there are somethings that should stay the same. These are:-

peace of mind, love and  sleep.

Aaaaargh! I haven’t slept properly in a week first because of my exams, then packing, now project viva and I’m dead tired. Lying on my bed in a messy room, my head splitting into a million pieces due to head ache and all my friends texting at that exact moment when I almost doze off and I’m not able to sleep. No clue what to do. So frustrating. :/ 😥 😦

I want to sneak in some sleep time 😦