Gentlemen and the other guys.


 Everyday from the time you wake up till the time you sleep,you find so many guys around. All of them are very different from the rest, with distinctive features of their own. All of these guys can be categorized into ten kinds, one or two of these categories may overlap in case of some guys but then every guy fits into one of these categories without fail. The womanizer , the sweet talker , the shy guy , the intriguing guy , the cheapo, the popular guy, the talented guy, the sensitive guy, the fighter  cunningly smart guy and very few times the gentleman. Here is what separates a gentlemen from the other categories of interesting guys.

  1.  The womanizer- This guy never misses a chance to hit on any girl. He flirts with you at every chance he gets. It just doesn’t matter if he is single or committed he uses his good looks and un-failing charm to make you fall head over heels for him. If this guy is your boy-friend be sure he is not here to stay. He will break your heart without thinking twice. His only care is towards his guilty pleasures; getting laid, alcohol and having a good time everyday. He won’t forget your birthday, not only yours he won’t forget any girl’s birthday.
  2.  The sweet talker/Charmer- This guy is similar to the womanizer except that he means no harm. He sends you texts every morning which says words similar to ‘Good morning Princess’ ‘Good morning the angle from heaven’ ‘I want to be the first one wishing the prettiest girl in the world a very beautiful morning.’ He is just born with the defect of sweet talking. Some guys are not  sweet-talkers naturally but train themselves to be one, they are the most annoying creatures.
  3. The shy guy- He is that one guy in your class who doesn’t talk to you in the class but you will find him stealing glances at you every-now and then. He likes you but is too shy to tell you. This guy will message you in the night and make you believe that you’re best of friends but when you see each other in person in public, he will not talk. He just won’t. He keeps you wondering what the hell is happening? Oh, he won’t wish you on your birthday even if he remembers it. Again you wonder,what’s wrong with this guy?
  4.  The intriguing guy- This is that one guy who always carries and enigma around him. He seems to have a lot of hidden secrets. He has a very few friends. Your conversation with this one is only on professional terms. He is aloof and distant. He just doesn’t care what others in this world are doing, he does his work in his own pace, according to his will. You can never ever convince this guy to see your point.You either love him or hate him, but you won’t ever forget him. Does he wish you on your birthday? Well, what birthday?
  5. The cheapo – He is a douche bag. From when? From forever. This is the most horrible kind of guy, the one who commits rapes and sexual, emotional abuses. He has no respect what-so-ever towards women. He is the one who comments when you walk on the roads, he is the one who touches your ass in crowded public buses. This is the guy whom you want to murder or want to issue a shoot at sight order. He might be intelligent but is the most disgusting creature on earth.He has no culture what-so-ever. If he wishes you on your birthday, that makes you want to commit suicide. He should be behind bars, not to roam open in the society.
  6.  The popular guy-  ‘Cool’ is his middle name. Everything he does is cool. He might not be the best-looking guy around but his popularity is way past that of the best looking guy. He is funny, cute, romantic, charming and smart.He can make anyone laugh. Everyone enjoys his company, regardless of age,gender and race. Yes, he is an animal lover. Every girl loves being around him because he knows how to hold their attention.Some even believe that he is their best-friend and often are in disbelief to know he doesn’t consider them one. Well, this guy has way too many friends. In-spite of the fact that he ignores/ neglects your presence at times, you will still like him. He is like a mini-celebrity in the small world around him. He will always remain that cool in-spite of  belittling you every time.
  7.  The talented guy- He is easily the most talented guy you have ever come across. His knowledge and his depth always keeps you in wonder. He is a geek, he is the one you will go to if you have any problem in the area of his expertise, and he solves your most complicated problems in a fraction of few seconds. You will be smitten by his infinite intelligence forever.He is the one who can make you so insecure about your career and about how vain your life is. But this guy can also have zero social skills, more like Einstein. And about your birthday, you have written him off.So if he wishes you on your birthday, act surprised.
  8.  The sensitive guy-  This is the most sensitive guy you will come across. You always wished your boy-friend was sensitive, but you know you didn’t mean this sensitive. He is a drama-queen. He cries in every movie you watch, even when none of the girls cry. He is fun to hang out with and surprisingly he even has quite a few friends at all times. This guy will have issues with you today and tomorrow he will behave as-if nothing was wrong at all. He is sensitive to almost everything; So spicy, so hot, so cold, so normal, so scary, so exciting… you get the flow. In-spite of all this he will be there at a few times you need him.Birthday? Of-course he will wish you on your birthday.Sensitive remember?
  9.  The fighter – This guy comes from a very bad past. He has braved each one of his problems and is still the same. He is the guy you respect.He is a hard-worker. His dedication towards his work is commendable. This dedication can be the reason he will be called workaholic in the future. Since he is self-made, he has huge self-respect.Sometimes he confuses his ego with his self-respect and loses many opportunities. He will be your very good friend and is always affectionate and caring.This guy will go places and you know it.
  10. The cunningly smart guy/ The entrepreneur material- This guy is an excellent manager. Give him any situation and he manages it excellently. He can juggle a crisis situation and the most happening one with ease at the same time. He is very social. Every person who passes on the street is his friend. You always wonder on how he remembers all their names and also their every minute details. He might come across as a short-tempered person but soon you will realize that is just one of the masks he puts on to manage people. You can never completely rely on this guy to get your work done, because being a business man at heart he will always do a ‘SWOT’ analysis before he helps.He won’t pick up a fight for you or even with you.Never ever. He always says he will take care of it, but will take care of it only if there is anything in it for him. Nevertheless you cannot ignore him. He is too busy to remember anything else.

The Gentleman– This is a real man, who might come out of any of the nine guys mentioned above. No, my count isn’t wrong , the cheapo can never be the gentleman.This is the man you will call if you need any help at any hour of the day. He will be there for you in a jiffy. Even if you are hard-core feminist at heart this man will protect you and care for you, without your knowledge. He makes sure you are comfortable in every new place and keeps those cheapo-guys at bay. All this without making anything obvious. You can be sure he will pick up a fight with even the toughest men to keep you safe. He might not say sweet nothings to you, but his actions speak louder than words.

He is a keeper.Who is this gentleman out of the above said nine guys? Well, it varies from person to person. When you are in danger and you know which is the guy you’re going to call, let me tell you , that guy is your gentleman. If he doesn’t wish you on your birthday it will surely break your heart.This guy won’t stop you from doing anything you love, maybe even dress like a ‘slut’ or act like a maniac in the middle of the night, rant and crib about everything wrong with you, still he will just be by your side supporting you like always.He is the most intriguing guy you will ever come across and will always keep your interest hooked. He is the guy you want to marry, that is if he is not your brother.Why? Isn’t it a well known fact that No guy can ever match up to a gentleman?