We care about wrong things, wrong people and wrong emotions that leave our life messed up and complicated. We do not express when we have to, we do not speak when our voices need to be heard, and we shy away from facing the light when that’s what we always yearned for.

We often find ourselves envying little kids. Mostly because they speak their mind when we cannot. They laugh at silly things and find happiness in smallest deeds that we chose to ignore. Ever wondered why we are often amazed at the innocence that they display?

The little children do not need big degrees or fancy houses to feel happy and content. They do not think of status before talking to a shabbily dressed kid across the street. They do not forge friendships because of greed. They do not make false promises nor do they shy away from being straightforward. They do not shy away from expressing love , dislike or desire. They often lose count of number of friends they have mainly because they are friends with everyone in their class. They are least tolerant to injustice, they cry and scream if they feel they are being wrongly treated. They talk about everything under the sun and even about the child next door whom they would marry when they grew up. They have no false pretenses.They share hugs and kisses without much thought.They dance and sing without requiring an occasion to do so. They do all this by being just themselves, children.

We on the other hand are not happy even with our fancy houses and degrees. We do not talk to a shabbily dressed person sitting next to us, well that is status. We often are blinded by greed when we forge friendships, and we get depressed when such friendships lose meaning after some time.  We do not realize that booze, money and party is not all that, what friends are for. We cannot afford to be straightforward and tell our friends when they go wrong, for the fear of losing them. We cannot even tell someone we like them again for the fear of losing them. We choose to love people with a set of conditions and changes applied to ourselves. We avoid confrontations, why? Because hey life will be much simpler with them and we are adults we cannot have simple lives. We do not laugh when we feel like, because we are well-mannered. We do not cry when we feel like, of-course we cannot show we’re fragile. We choose to be depressed but we would never share our feelings with others. We cannot see the beauty and the bliss that surrounds us, mainly because we are busy searching for things that are going wrong. We do not appreciate what we have until we lose it. We live under the umbrella of being responsible and forget we are not carrying the burden of the world on our shoulders. We cannot question without being judged. We do not ask for a hug when we need one. We do not stop even when we witness injustice, because we are trained to be scared. We choose to walk away.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we complicating our simple life? Why do we not have time for anybody anymore? Why are we cribbing and ranting all the time? Why do we chose money over happiness , Work over family,and stress over peace?  We need to stop this crazy maddening race, and look at the mess we have created for ourselves. We need to clean up the mess before it starts piling up.This mess can be cleared away by doing just one thing right looking at our life through the eyes of a child.

Let us un-complicate our lives and be little children again. Let us ask for a hug when we want one. Let us not lie when we need to speak the truth. Let us express not to impress, but because we need to express. Let us not hide behind our blankets when we witness injustice,let us scream let us shout. Let us let others know when we like them, more so when we love them. Let us really realize that we do not lose anyone by letting them know what they mean to us.Let us not be afraid to cry when we are hurt. Let us not bother ourselves with nasty comments passed by strangers. Let us say thank you when someone helps us, even if they are paid to do that. Let us accept our mistakes and say sorry without letting our egos get ahead of us. Let us treat everyone with the  respect that we expect from them.Let us start expressing that we care. Let us learn to be polite. Let us learn to understand and not judge. Let us learn to smile, for no reason at all. Let us learn to stop. Just stop whenever we feel like. Let us make time for more in life, not just for people in our phones but for real people in our lives. Let us experience happiness. Let us sing and dance whenever we feel like, without letting any tomorrow bother our today.

Let us un-complicate our lives. Let us live the rest of our lives like a child.


Friends, parents, siblings, spouses, relatives, special relationships; a lot has been said about them. They are the high rated relationships that exist in a human’s life. I agree, they are really important, and they make up your world, my world and our world. Then again there are a few special people who are the most under-rated in the list of our relationships, but they are the ones that most often make our lives simple, a little less complicated and a little more wonderful. They are the simple joys, sometimes the biggest help, they are the life savers.

Cycle-days :')

No, I’m not talking about doctors, but I am talking about those people who will accompany you to doctor at 2.00 am in case of emergency, those people who will calm your family down when they panic, they are your gossip buddies, they are give you the healthy recipes for any dish, your advisors on career, your company when you want to go out for a quick snack, they suggest the best tailors around, the best place to buy groceries from, they are your baby-sitters when you have to finish a work, I’m talking about those people to whom you can shamelessly ask for a bowl of sugar when you run out of groceries and a guest comes home, they are the ones you trust your children with in-case you go away for some time, they are the safe-keepers of your house key when you leave for work, in short they are the angels in your life. Yes, I’m talking about your/my/our awesome neighbours. If you have one, you know what I’m talking about.

Yes, your relatives cannot understand how you can leave your kid alone at home when you go to your native. They do not understand that you’ve left them with your adopted family J Good neighbours, the wonderful souls we are lucky to live amongst.

I am personally very lucky for being able to live in such an amazing neighbourhood throughout my childhood and that continuing till date. If I had to number all the relationships in my life according to priority, I would number my neighbours above all of my relatives and even above few of my close friends. Wouldn’t you? You would definitely, if you have the great set of neighbours like I do.

Let me tell you a little bit about my neighbours, they give me the yummiest dishes to eat, they accompany me till my home when I’m too scared to walk as I spotted a dog sitting on the road, they listen to songs and have long conversations on the terrace after 9.30 in the night, they are happy even in my tiny little successes, they go on long walks with me around the colony, they help out when my parents are out of station, they celebrate almost all festivals with me(and my family of course 😀 ) and are my pillar of support most of the time.

We have a level of comfort around our long term neighbours that we do not feel even around some of our relatives. We can discuss almost anything with them, and staying neighbours for a long time there is even mutual respect for privacy though most of us know what happens in each other’s family, but do not prod because we respect that privacy. We can even barge in at night to borrow coffee or for a quick gossip session. I mean having good neighbours makes our lives a little uncomplicated. I am very blessed that I have this gift.

Even though these people are such important parts of our lives they are not given that official status that our other relationships have. So today I would like to extend my heartfelt warmth and thanks to all my/our wonderful neighbours. You have been angels at all times. The one reason moving away from this place is hard for us is because you people are so adorable. You have given us a lot of things in our  lives, that includes those yummy chicken biriyanis, patrodas, Christmas cakes, birthday parties, get-togethers (they are fun only because of you), medicines and unselfish care in times of need. I specially want to thank all the tiny, cute little adorable neighbours, whose naughty eyes and glittery smiles makes our day.

All of you, who feel bad for not being that good a neighbour to your neighbour(s), contact me for my neighbours’ numbers so that you could learn a thing or two from them. If you have a great neighbour go ahead and say thank you for being a part of your life,

like I’m saying 😀

My dear CSB colony mates/neighbours love you all, thank you for everything. I’m so glad I’ve grown up among-st you’ll.