Month: July 2018

Don’t Care.

Today was a busy day, just when I thought I finished my task for the day I get emails telling me I haven’t. Follow up emails. Worst aren’t they? Quite a funny situation!

In between me struggling to finish and not really ask for an extension, I get talking to a friend. It’s just amazing how caring a little bit would make people’s day. This friend was letting me know how much it meant to them that we turned up the other day. I dreaded the next question but I knew it was coming and that it affected them that much, why didn’t the others turn up? I had no answer, why did they pretend to care when they really did not? Why didn’t they even drop a message? I had no answer. I didn’t know really. People are weird. People’s priorities change with distance, time and phase they are in.

I had no explanation to offer. This friend had the most important day of their life and this hit them hard. I could feel that they had already done their share of over-thinking of the situation. Was it so hard to drop a message? Yes, it is not hard. It is just a message after all. The hard reality that I figured that day is that, people sometimes pretend to care. You believe them. Then one day, they stop pretending and you realise they did not care at all.

Don’t take it personally is the stupidest thing you could say to someone. Most adults are just kids with bodies of a grown up individuals. They will take it personally even it is just a professional decision. In reality kids are more forgiving and caring than most adults.

The key overall is, believe in people but believe in yourself more so that you can brush off the scratches and wipe your tears when you get hurt because you expected more from others. Or just that you expected them to be there, every time.

Just another day, like everyday. Teaching and learning!