She: ‘I love paneer butter masala, I learnt to make that dish.’

Me: ‘ That’s so cool.’

She: ‘Not so much. I just told him on the phone, he says he doesn’t like paneer.’

Me : ‘So?’

She: ‘It’s a waste that I learnt to cook it, his mom likes round rotis she said.’

Me: ‘So?’

She: ‘I’ll have to perfect my roti making skills.’

Me: ‘Oh!’

She: ‘ I don’t like it so much in Mumbai. But then now I’ll have to like it, the family is settled in Mumbai. Now after I’m wed I might visit home just once a year, maybe.’

Me: ‘Oh! What is his profession again?’

She:’ Software Engineer. Same as mine, just different companies.’

Me: ‘Does he cook?’

She: ‘He has never entered kitchen apparently. His mom says.’




Time has changed. Sure.

Not a Life-Partner, an educated and well-earning house help.



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