Roots. Home. Dreams

Roots, home, and dreams. Three words, very warm, very distant from eatch other. This is true for a large group of people, like me. We are all growing up in a place, far away from our roots, that we call our home. Slowly, we grow wings and fly. Fly to chase our dreams, dreams which are far away from our homes, far far away from our roots.We, are indeed a puzzle which can be completed when all three of them; the roots, the home and the dreams fit perfectly together, otherwise there is commotion and unrest.

A question that often haunts me ( like it haunts you) is when I am asked ‘which is your favourite among the three? ‘. How do I answer that?

I have contemplated on this subject many a times, unable to find definite answers to the many questions that surround me. Where do I actually belong? Which among the three do I love more? Is is betrayal if I have a preference for one place over the other? Whom will I support if there is a crisis? What will I do if someone calls me an outsider in the place I grew up? Will I punch their face so hard that it will no longer be recognisable to others? 😛

The thing is that being a part of three different states/cities at the same time, I have grown to love all three of them.There are mood swings and my preference for one of these over the other also changes. I beam with pride when I hear about the accomplishments from any of the three places. I recognise the flaws of all three, even as I love them unconditionally. Somehow, I cannot tolerate when someone else critiques them even as I endlessly find faults in the three. Inspite of loving all three of them equally, I’m always at loss of words when someone asks me where are I am from. They wouldn’t understand that, I am from the place I have my roots in, because that place has always showered unconditional love to me even though I go there only occasionally. I am also from the place I call my home, because my family, my friends, my life has been a gift to me from this place. I also belong to the city where my dreams reside because it took me in with open arms when I was nothing and made me feel I belong.  I need all three of them to feel complete. I do not know what to answer when I am asked,  ‘ Which place do you prefer among the three?’

They do not understand, that you cannot draw comparisons between the air, the water and the fire.  

Nothing, can be like the other.

And nothing, will remain without them.



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