Reason to smile.

I’ve been hurt,

I’ve been wronged,

I’ve been drained of everything,

How can I smile?

She is still being hurt,

She is still being wronged,

She is still being drained of everything she has,

She still smiles, wondered how?

I have no food I like,

I have no nice dress,

I have no great shoes,

How Can I smile when I have so less?

He has no food at all,

He has no cloth to wear,

He hasn’t worn a shoe ever,

He still smiles amidst so less, wondered how?

When things go horribly wrong,

When all you do is crib and rant,

When you find no reason to live,

Think of them who smile, you’ll find your reason to smile  🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, tell me how you felt... I love reading comments :D

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