Pyaari and the thin girl.


Amma has put me in leash so I know,someone is coming home today. I don’t understand why they do this, have I ever misbehaved?

There she is, a thin girl. Mithu chechi(sister) hugs that girl, how dare she touch my Mithu chechi. I’m chained but I have my voice. “Bow wow...” They turn towards me, Amma says something about me being jealous and everyone laugh.whatever!

I remember this girl from her last visit, she was scared of me initially, but eventually we got along well. I even got to lick her, jump on her and keep her hands inside my mouth. She walks towards me. I am now  excited. I tell her “Hi, chechi. Let me jump on you and say hi. Woof… But no luck.

It is morning already. They unleashed me last night itself but that chechi hasn’t said hi, yet. But as I told you I am a good girl ,so I take the initiative, seeing her asleep on Mithu chechi’s bed I go to her, lick every inch of her face. She wakes up looking startled, screams, waking everyone. She didn’t say hi, again.Alas!

Later she walks up to me keeping a brave face, says “Hello, pyaari. You scared me this morning.”She  pats me on my back. I respond with equal zeal by jumping on her and licking her hands. She seems more relaxed and even lets me mouth her hand. I just realized that her hand is exactly the size of my favourite bone piece. I have to fight the urge to bite it. Amma laughs seeing this and tells her “Put on some weight by next time you are here, lest Pyaari will surely mistake it for a bone piece.

I agree “Woof woof…”




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