Wishing for things start at a very young age,

At three I wished I had an extra doll,

Then I wished for a basket ball,

Later I wished for good grades

And then wished to get a loved one healed.

I wished for a life without loneliness

And then wished for some ‘me’ time.

When I found everything around fake.

 I wished for a true friend-I found you!

 And then so many of you!

All I now wish for is ,

 That I’m on someone’s wish list too! =D


Everyday I make a new wish, everyday I choose among my wishes, to prioritize them is a tough deal.I fight with myself every single day, to choose my right and wrong.I get punished every single day by my conscious because my one choice had proven wrong. Then again there are days when I just feel so helpless unable to control the wild me.

 Things I thought were wrong yesterday seem so right today. Things I forbid myself  from doing yesterday are the things I freely profess today. Things which scared me yesterday, are new challenges for me today.My secrets I didn’t share with any one  till yesterday is out for discussion today, because I chose it to be out. I feel as if, I am a whole new person today and the girl I was yesterday is merely a girl whom I knew. My fairy-world has changed to a real world; the princess in it has started facing the real world. And is improvising herself, to adapt to her new surroundings. She has found new friends, but real or fake she just doesn’t know yet. But don’t worry she is now strong enough to” get up and move on”, on her own if she ever falls. She still misses her old world and her old friends, who she knows is true to her. Every time she meets even one of them ,her old world, old dreams old wishes…. just come alive instantly… and then ….slowly fade away… 

Her eyes still shine when she thinks of her dream. She still makes a wish,everyday….

 For a better world tomorrow.

She still loves her family and friends the same way.

Well maybe a little more now…

She still misses her best friend.

She still wants her fairyland back .

P.s-without the demons in it.

 Her voice still shivers and her eyes still gets wet when she browses through her old memories….

But she has changed….. hopefully into a stronger person.

A better human being.

Thanks for stopping by, tell me how you felt... I love reading comments :D

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