Letter to the parents of college kids.

Parents ask “common whats so difficult about being in college? Only thing you have to do is study, no responsibilities ,nothing.”

Dear Parents you have no idea about different stresses and challenges we have to deal with every day.

First challenge is getting up early in the morning;

Even we know that if we sleep early in the night we can wake up early, but the problem is that we can not sleep early.We just do not get sleep before 12*oo at night. That is like our minimum time to sleep. Maximum can be 3*00- 4*00 am in the morning. Yes by then maybe you would have woken up in the morning! So now please tell us on how you are gonna blame us for over sleeping?

Second challenge getting a proper dress to wear;

No we can’t wear anything and go to college.Its not like your offices where people do not care about anything else but their boring file works being completed.Its college , college is like a battle field filled with bitches. Where when some one says, “your top is so cute!!”. you think twice before saying thank you, cuz you don’t know if it is a compliment or a sarcastic comment to which she and her friends will laugh  behind your back.I’m sure you still wont understand why we take time to get ready. It’s definitely not to impress boys, its to be not laughed at by some fashionista females.

Reaching college on time ;

Many poor and unfortunate people like me are mostly late for classes. That is because the traffic doesn’t co-operate with us! We run from our homes to catch a bus, then run in the signal to catch another bus in the front. After so much of running and hanging in the bus, we reach class rooms just to hear teacher say ” You are too early for next lecture miss.. please wait outside” .That is where we lose half of the attendance. When we complain about all this , dear parents you do not understand. We travel for one and half hours and reach late. Oh, yes not everyone reaches late, that is because some people have time sense, agreed.Or maybe others just have their own vehicles. So you can buy me a Scooty maybe?

Sitting there without bunking classes;

No, its impossible to attend classes everyday. You should understand college is not like school, where teachers actually teach! In college the lecturers don’t teach, they mug up the text books and vomit it out! Vomit-ting is also okay, but they do that in the most boring way ever! Hence we do not bunk classes by our wish, but because we are forced to bunk. Would you like to see the death of your children due to boredom? No ,right? So we bunk classes once in a while to stay alive.

Coming back and studying;

We brave torture by our teachers, friends, enemies and finally succeed in reaching back home in a single piece. So by the time we are back after staying for around two hours in the busy traffic blocks and bearing all the stress we feel drained.There will be no ounce of energy left with us to open the books and then study. Yes, magical portions of energy appears from within us during our exams but we have no idea where all that energy and enthusiasm gets hidden during normal college days.

Refreshing ourselves by going online;

Dear mother, social networking today is say like your oxygen. If we do not go online, we won’t know what is happening with our lives as well as others.We have so many friends, say school, college, work friends, bus friends, neighborhood friends, childhood friends, family friends and of-course relatives. So to keep in touch with all of them, to keep up with them, we need to go online. Not only them we also get updates from various institutes and other activity clubs which gives us in career enhancement opportunities. We can’t be missing chances to improve our professional and social life can we?

Sleeping late;

Dear parents, you might not understand but after going through various updates, by the time we sleep it will surely be past 12.30 am. So we can’t be compromising on our other important career activities in order to go to bed early right? Thereby we go to bed late

Relationship  and performance issues;

You need to understand that our relationship problems need as much attention as you might be  paying to your work or home needs. See, people in college are not so easy to understand. you might see us as kids but, we are complicated personalities with our own insecurities  priorities, ambitions and stuff. When my best-friend breaks up with her boy-friend it will affect me, just like it will affect you when I have a problem.If I fight with a person, that issue might seem petty to you,but the turmoil I go through is  huge.Boy-friend/ Girl-friend issues. These issues just drains us out.Its more hectic than you can imagine. You know the effort you take to make your family run well, the same effort we put in to make this relationship run well.You don’t have a clue how demanding it can get, with jealousy, cheating and money contributing equally to ruin it.

When I under-perform it affects me way more than it affects you dear parents. Because its me who has to face Sharma aunty when she says “My Rahul got 85 percent you know? You got only 70 percent. I knew you were dull at studies, but this dull? ho! “, it’s the same me who has to face friends who say ” Oh my god, I thought you would top! look at you how come only so much? didn’t study?”. I also have to face my competitor cum enemy ” See I scored better, some only knows to act smart!” and others who talk behind my back “she got what she deserved!… Serves her right!” So you relax, I know the consequences , and I don’t under perform by purpose!

Pocket Money;

Dear parents, we ask for pocket-money for a lot more reasons than just shopping and eating out. See we have so many friends, so all these friends have birthdays. In order to give them something sweet on their birthdays we require some money. And as money doesn’t grow on trees we  ask you for it. Trust me, we don’t waste it! We even save some of it for crisis situation. We are trying to spend less. Please understand us too.

Hence, I make a  sincere request to stop nagging us, try to under-stand us 🙂 we love you parents.

Yours lovingly ( we are not that obedient anymore)

Your college-going children 🙂


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